Chance, necessity or simply the clumsiness of those who administer our affairs have wanted that the 40th anniversary of the triumph at the polls of Philip Gonzalez coincides with the umpteenth derailment of the negotiations to renew the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

If that resounding electoral victory marked the beginning of the transformation that led Spain and the Spanish to become homologous with the Europe of which we aspired to be a part, the present fiasco consolidates, for the moment, our regression to the most depressing anomaly.

Félix Bolaños, negotiator of the pact for the Judiciary.

It cannot be denied that it was that overwhelming PSOE of 1982 that decisively accelerated the transition to a respected democracy, a modern economy and a society that could look at its neighbors unapologetically. From the extension and consolidation of essential public services to investment in infrastructure, passing through the recognition of rights, institutional reform and the updating of the State inherited from four decades of ominous and stale autocracy.

With its grays and its blacks, Felipe González was the architect of our country’s dazzling journey from the clumsy platoon to the front row of the most prosperous and least unjust region of the globe. From living under a regime disdained by all, the Spaniards passed to the small club of full democracies.

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That admirable and happy conquest is the one that is now tottering to a great extent, thanks to the contumacy of those who must forge and sign an agreement to renew the judicial leadership in wielding pretexts to break off the negotiations every time the compromise approaches.

The least important thing, although the matter is not lacking in importance, is that this time the reduction of the penalties associated with the crime of sedition is used to blow up the table. The main thing, the alarming thing, is that over and over again an argument is found to prolong the agony of the Administration of Justice, plunging it into disrepute.

The debated reform of the Penal Code to alleviate the consequences for the rioters is an issue open to multiple objections. Among them, the character ad hoc of the modification of a criminal type that has hardly been applied, at the request and under the undisguised pressure of those who have infringed it.

What is not finished seeing is that it causes destruction comparable to that of continuing to block sine die the renewal of constitutional bodies. To punish a malfunction, respond with a takedown.

Let’s take the worst case. That the Government has incurred in opacity and disloyalty on this matter against the first opposition party. Even so, One wonders if a party truly committed to the State could not, or should not, ignore this type of grievance for the common good.

The soap opera that seems to end in rupture, failure in the renovation and deterioration until the putrefaction of one of the three powers of the State is the result of the messiness of all its scriptwriters, and of course the one who writes it from the Government. But he will do wrong to the other party if he believes that he can prolong for his benefit the days of a dead and worm-eaten CGPJ. He does it to the detriment of everyone, and that is his responsibility.

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And what is more important. This outcome is excellent news for all the enemies of Spain, which is as much as to say of the framework of coexistence and democratic participation that we Spaniards had built. What they are going to enjoy, those inside and those outside, calling the Spanish justice system failed, undemocratic and kidnapped by an ideological faction.

Both had in their hands to prevent it. They have preferred, one and the other, to behave again like spoiled children who refuse to breathe. And maybe even proud of it.

Source: Elespanol

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