Specialists warned that territorial brigades that will be part of new health care model they seek to become voting promotion structures.

Octavio Gómez Dantés, teacher in health policies, considered that with this proposal the federal government is giving “drowned kicks”, after the bad decisions it has made and that have led the sector to have negative balances.

“We are at the end of the fourth year of the Administration, these new initiatives, I have no doubt, are kicks from drowning; the 4T health project no longer worked, it will not work and they are making all kinds of attempts to save a bit of image, what is called in English ‘saving face,'” he said.

He anticipated that the territorial brigades which will aim to carry out house-to-house health promotion actions will become, like other initiatives of the Executive, structures to promote the vote in favor of the party in power.

Gómez Dantes considered that the brigades are a good idea. However, he said he mistrusted it, because without investment to expand access to Health servicesthese “are going to promote a lie”.

“It is very clear that a very high percentage of the federal public spending of this Administration is aimed at giving monetary subsidies, that what they seek is to buy the vote. In principle, I would think that these brigades are also going to fulfill that task, saying: ‘If you continue voting for Morena, it will continue to guarantee you Health services’when exactly the opposite has happened,” he said.

The specialist stated that the Health sector It has been affected by the bad decisions of the Government, among which he listed the creation of Insabi and the dismantling of the system of consolidated purchases of medicines and medical supplies.

“It is no longer worth insisting on the bad decisions of the Government, we must think about what follows, we must think about generating proposals to generate the health system that Mexico deserves, it will not be in this Administration.

“It is not worth continuing to discuss a project that has failed, part of this failure is these decisions that are drowning kicks, that is what they are,” he said.

The former Secretary of Health, Salomón Chertorivski, pointed out that although today health has to be outside the clinic and the hospital, there is nothing new in wanting to go out on the street, because the models already existed and an example of this was the 5,000 elements of the health sector that were part of programs such as Health Caravans Y Community Healthriver driven by the IMSS-Prospera, today IMSS-Wellness.

“There is nothing new in wanting to go out on the street, the joke is if it is done well or not, under what conditions, with what resources,” said the legislator.

The Citizen Movement deputy said that the formation of territorial brigades is worrying, since the current Administration has shown signs that everything is done for political purposes.

Chertorivski suggested that this proposal could be added to the list of health strategies of the federal government that have failed.

“I say it punctually: the common mistake has been that all decisions have been based on prejudice and not on evidence, that they have not, at any time, tried to correct and improve what already exists, but only destroy what was already there” said the politician.

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