The new thing about Telegram would be the messages for which you have to pay to see them and, honestly, it seems like an idea that only serves to monetize.

The controversy is served: Telegram is preparing a feature that will charge you for reading certain messages. Yes, you read it right. Telegram is preparing to become an application in which monetization is the main thing. It is not a news that catches us by surprise and more seeing that, now, usernames can be used within Telegram.

Some people may not have realized it, but Telegram allows the purchase of usernames within the messaging application and it does so through the use of cryptocurrencies. This hidden market within Telegram gives clues about the movements that the messaging application wants to follow.

Of course, before you take out your wallet full of cryptocurrencies, the first thing you have to know is that, despite the fact that the platform is ready, it is not yet operational. We will have to wait to see this service operating within Telegramalthough it seems that it will be opened to users who want to participate soon.

Returning to the monetization of Telegram, the instant messaging application and platform launched the premium subscription to Telegram a few weeks ago. This new way of understanding Telegram is not for all users and, in fact, there are reasons why not to pay for this subscription when continuing to use the platform.

Telegram and monetization: a story that is told in several acts

Although the Telegram premium subscription is already among us, it seems that it is not a sufficient measure for the instant messaging application and, now, the market should be expanded in an unsubtle way. Messages with a price tag would be the next step for Telegram and, to be honest, we are not very clear about it..

By integrating this type of message within the messaging application, various situations and reactions can occur. Among them is that the response from users is not positive and, is that, Adding a paywall to messages is not a measure that users who use Telegram on a day-to-day basis like it..

Also, what would be the use of paying for a message on Telegram? The truth is that there are few situations in which this proposal can be viable and one of them is directly linked to the monetization of social networks. And, it is that, information is power and obtaining certain data can be attractive to users.

To exemplify the situation, the most viable case that occurs to us is to put this paywall to an offer within a Telegram channel. Of course, it is not worth any offer. In fact, the more interesting the offer or the more attractive it seems, the more users would be willing to pay to know the content of this message.

This is a fairly crude example, but considering that in Telegram we already find channels that are dedicated to offers and, in addition, they earn a percentage for each sale thanks to the affiliate links; the extra income that can be generated by charging users to get to know a message seems more than viable.

The most interesting thing about the system that Telegram is testing is that It would skip the payment systems of both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store. The payment system would be Telegram’s own, so the user behind this message would receive in full what the users have decided to pay.

Possibly when this system has been established, Telegram will charge a small commission for each payment, but for now what would have been seen is that the amount paid goes directly to the creator. Going over the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store with their iPhones is almost an achievement for Telegram.

The date on which this new payment system will be integrated into Telegram is completely unknown, but from what has been seen thanks to 9to5Google, several groups and channels are already testing this monetization within Telegram. In fact, a Twitter user has posted some photos showing examples of this.

In these examples What is most striking is that the messages that can be hidden under a paywall can be both text and images.. Yes, this also opens a lot of doors for adult content creators who are posting on platforms like Onlyfans right now from their Android or iPhone phones.

We will have to see how this situation progresses as time goes by and, above all, if it ends up reaching all Telegram users. It may be that, shortly, Telegram users on Android or iPhone only send messages of this style. Only time has the answer to this and we will also have to wait for WhatsApp’s response.


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