This film was taken on October 13, when Solar Orbiter’s Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) returned the highest resolution images of the “quiet and silent” corona ever recorded by any instrument.

Each pixel in this film spans 105 km on the surface of the Sun. This means that if the EUI looked at Earth from this distance, our entire planet would be only 120 pixels in diameter. The film itself is 2048 in diameter, meaning 17 Earths would fit side by side in this image.

What is the quiet crown of the Sun

The corona is the outer atmosphere of the Sun. it is said quiet when there is little noticeable solar activityas is the case with eruptions or coronal mass ejections.

This film, and others that were taken during the spacecraft’s approach, show the dynamic nature of the Sun’s corona which has a temperature of thousands of degrees centigrade.

The gas, known as plasma, is in constant motion, moved and accelerated by changes in the Sun’s magnetic field. The glowing plasma arcs in the film are held in place by loops of magnetism that erupted from the Sun’s interior toward the corona.

The Sun is currently increasing activity to a peak known as solar maximum, to be reached in 2025. So seeing like this the silent crown will most likely become more and more rare in the next few years.

The sun casts a particle solar wind that crosses the Solar System – responsible for the beautiful aurora borealis on Earth. It is known to originate in the corona, but precisely how it happens is not yet known and investigating this phenomenon is one of the main scientific goals of Solar Orbiter.

The Solar Orbiter spacecraft is an international collaboration space mission between ESA and NASA, operated by ESA.

This film was enhanced with the Wavelet Optimized Whitening technique, explains ESA.

Source: Sicnoticias

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