“Repair instead of throwing away!”
9 love tips we got from our grandparents

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You can always rely on Grandma’s tips – even when it comes to love. Because we can only benefit from the life experience of our grandparents, we have collected their advice.

The first kiss, the first love, the first heartbreak. The second disappointment, the third attempt, the fourth separation. In the course of life, love has quite a few ups and downs in store for us humans. Not only does it feel incredibly intense every time, it also feels so individual, as if nobody else in the world could understand us. What we tend to forget in our personal love chaos: most of the time we are not at all alone. Rather, people then go through the same phases, no matter how different their lives may be. Most of us experience what it feels like when a heart brings. And how it is patched again.

What we want to say with that: it’s definitely worth looking up a generation when we’re going through a little extra loop in our love life – and don’t really trust our own navigation system anymore. Our grandparents not only gave us open ears and arms when we first felt lovesick, they can still provide us with valuable advice today.

We asked our editorial team what tips we got from our grandmothers and grandfathers when it comes to great love. And let’s put it this way, they may cause laughter at first, but then they contain one or the other true core – and also a few real moments of goosebumps.

9 good advice from our grandparents: Grandma’s tips for love

Wait for the right man to come!

1. “When I was still in elementary school, my grandmother would instill the same words in me — every day really: ‘Kid, wait for the right man to come along! Don’t give your heart to anyone — trust me!’ She has always stressed that she knew I would meet someone special one day. She passed away when I was a teenager. I inherited a gold watch from her that found its place in my jewelry box. Years later, learned I know my current husband. Almost forgotten, I found my grandmother’s watch while sorting it out and couldn’t believe my eyes: My husband’s name was on the dial.”

It only gets better after first love

2. “My grandma used to say: First love is all well and good, but second love is always better! Especially when you are going through the first lovesickness, this wisdom from grandma is balm for the soul.”

3. “My grandma always told me that the third love is the one for eternity.. Because with the first love you experience everything for the first time, with the second you learn how important communication is in a partnership and with the third love you finally apply everything you have learned!

Repair instead of throwing away

4. “My grandfather taught me that if there was a fight, you to sit down again in the evening and talk about it.”

5. ‘I got a classic from my grandpa: ‘Never go to sleep fighting.’ And my grandma used to say, ‘Relationships are hard work – stay single.'”

6. “My grandma always says that when you start in a relationship, you start with both of you ‘have to round the corners’ – then it works

7. “Never that fooling around forget each other!”

And if it doesn’t work at all – keep your head up

8. “Let him hiss, have a fresh one!”

9. “Thus check who binds himself forever, whether not what better finds.”


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