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Before going to explore the superficial concept of Oriental Medicine, I would like to point out where is the difference between East and West looking at a different disease? Where are the strengths and weaknesses? And we must use our reasoning and intelligence to when to use Eastern or Western medicine? So that we won’t regret once we reach the end, then like a horse that is blindfolded and handed over to a doctor, sometimes we have to suffer in suffering with illness or have to bid farewell to our loved ones unjustly. waste.

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We often have a one-sided conception of Oriental Medicine with abstract character, lack of scientific character, rationality, inability to experiment, some people even label it as a religion, sometimes superstition…

These arguments are only superficial, without depth:

If Oriental Medicine is said to be abstract, this universe has many abstract theories, but will slowly become clear with time. The Buddha said that in a drop of water there are thousands of sentient beings. At that time it was indeed abstract, but today it is as clear as day.

The theory of yin and yang is abstract: Although abstract, over time, science today has clearly seen that yin and yang nature and gave it two unknowns, 0 and 1. Just these two unknowns, we have used it a lot in science. and in recent decades have applied to the extremely sophisticated computing system. Thus Eastern medicine; yin and yang are no longer abstract. Moreover, Albert Einstein said that the universe when analyzed to the end has nothing to do with matter, but only vibrations, or waves. Then there are subatomic particles, molecules that are bellies of waves, the musical notes of a vibrating string. Therefore, we are not surprised that Oriental Medicine has built on the foundation of gasification, yin and yang, and constant change. In fact, they only appear to appear, that is, they are unreal, vague, and exist.

There are also transposition, symmetry, interaction, in addition, the most unique is what scientists call the cosmic dance (cosmic dance) and also life and death.

Oriental medicine theory has a rational character: Although the logic is not wrong. Because the theory of Eastern medicine is based on yin and yang and the five elements. A physician must have a firm grasp of yin and yang and the five elements while diagnosing and treating diseases. To understand yin and yang and the five elements and apply them, it takes at least four years of university in the US (I had the opportunity to study Oriental medicine with respected and famous Western medicine doctors in Vietnam before). Nam, it also takes time and continuous learning, after a few years to diagnose the disease and accept it as correct.. Studying is not enough, it depends on the awareness and sensitivity of the diagnosis of each doctor right or wrong. wrong, more or less, so the treatment results are long or fast, more or less the same.The theory of yin and yang is abstract, you have to learn and learn about those abstract properties until you get it. Those who apply it also need to practice and learn from the predecessors for a while, until they are proficient, they are temporarily called doctors.I mean when we eat and swallow food, we I don’t think I’m eating or swallowing anymore, but it’s good or bad. Doctors must also be skillful when treating patients. That means giving medicine and expecting patients to report all more or less? Why is that, because each person’s body and situation is different and the severity of the disease is different.

Lack of scientific character: Science and philosophy have common laws, but when applied to each discipline, there are specific laws. Moreover, today, professional scientific methods have developed extremely richly and have been applied to Oriental medicine, such as: logic that in the past and even now many people still consider ambiguous, can not understand. But today, scientific instruments are used osciloscope to put on the screen the diagrams of the circuit for the doctor or patient to see clearly. However, these are just basic indications, and complex logic still needs a doctor, which means that people are still the main thing to learn and offer cures…

(Illustration: Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images)

Having a religious character: This is absolutely not true. If you believe in a doctor, then East or West, you must also have faith in the teacher, then the illness will heal quickly, which is normal. In addition to belief, religion also has supernatural, sacred or divine properties, as well as ethics and rituals related to that belief. Oriental Medicine has absolutely none of these.

Still superstitious: Healing according to worship, freckles, sewage are self-created and can no longer control themselves once they are close to the earth and far from heaven, when they hear someone say they believe immediately and give themselves to them, it’s their fault. But Oriental Medicine has clear medical science and the remedies are classified with eight erections: yin and yang, manifestation, heat, and truth. The circuit has four diagnoses: edema, depression, maintenance, and sharpness. Thus, it is not possible to conclude that Eastern medicine doctors treat diseases according to superstition.

Unable to experiment: True but not true. Oriental medicine is also made of herbs, which Western medicine takes essence to make and today has used herbs that Eastern medicine has used for thousands of years, refined into new drugs and analyzed according to science found. nutrients, vitamins necessary for the body, that Eastern medicine has used for many years. However, science has not yet been tested because Eastern medicine is still based on gasification, yin and yang are present in the universe and even in humans, but tools or facilities are not enough to analyze and discover. : For example, when analyzing ginseng, we don’t find many nutrients, but we feel healthy when we drink it. Especially the ginseng in Western Ba Loi Asia, or the Himalayas in cold weather, need to get yang to live, so it is a very good tonic herb. When we drink we feel warm and excited as well as healthier.

Today Albert Einstein and quantum mechanics have discovered that the universe is not real which, when decomposed to the end, are just vibrations or waves.

Therefore, we are not surprised that Oriental medicine has built medicine on the basis of gasification, yin and yang is reasonable and correct, but today’s science has proven that everything is subject to change, constant change and birth and death. .

After clearing some of the misconceptions about Eastern medicine, we slowly began to apply yin and yang to the treatment of diseases. Once yin and yang are in balance, we are disease-free.

My articles all define the disease according to the imbalance of yin and yang in different forms and how to cure the disease with basic prescriptions.

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