The new edition of the model uses a particular form of electrified propulsion: a 1.5-litre petrol engine acts exclusively as an electric current generator to feed the electric motor that moves the wheels.

It seems complicated, but it is relatively simple. The X-Trail is a electric model that generates the current it needs to propel itself through a generator associated with a gasoline engine. The formula used by Nissan is not completely new. We already met her a couple of decades ago in models like the Vauxhall Ampera or the Chevrolet Voltalthough the new Japanese model has some particularity, since does not have the possibility to power the battery externally. Namely, the battery is always recharged through the generator moved by the gasoline engine and the drive of the wheels is carried out exclusively by the electric motor, which implies not being able to obtain the “Zero” label from the DGT and having to settle for the label “Echo”.

Powerful image, different from the Qashqai.

Nissan’s plans in terms of electrification go through having at least an electrified version of each model in the entire range in 2023; reach the 75% of sales electrified in 2026to get to 100% in the year 2030.

Now, after twenty years of existence on the market, the fourth generation of the Nissan X-Trail has arrived, a model that was born with a true vocation as an SUV, of which more than seven million units have been sold worldwide and more than 46,000 in Spain. It is based on the CMF-C platform used by the Renault Nissan Alliance and which will also be used by the future Mitsubishi Outlander, although its external dimensions are not excessive for a body that can have seven seats.

Good ground clearance for easy access in tricky areas.

Modern design

Measure 4.68m long, 1.84 m wide and 1.72 m high, that is, it has practically the same dimensions as the previous edition, although it is 10 mm shorter, 20 wider and 15 mm higher. Unlike previous generations, the new X-Trail shows a very different style from the Qashqai, more elegant and with a great feeling of robustness.

In fact, the new edition, which is produced in japanclearly improves in finish, materials and adjustments and has a exceptional ride quality. In large part it is due to his electrical operationbecause although it has a gasoline engine to generate electricity, the movement of the wheels is always carried out through one or two electric motors (4×4 version).

Dimensions similar to those of the previous generation, with better use of space.

Share some of its elements with the Last generation Nissan Qashqai, with a modern and elegant appearance. The outside brings distinctive Nissan design elementslike the floating roof and V-motion grille, with headlamps inscribed on the front bumper and daytime running lights and turn signals on the hoodline. Behind shows a clear japanese inspiredwith a horizontal line on the tailgate and split taillights.

Inside, which is largely reminiscent of the Qashqai, I know mixes the digital part, with two large screens, with physical controls for the main functions, such as air conditioning, sound, etc. Also the level of equipment is quite complete from the base model N-Connectait has plenty of storage compartments and offers enough space for the occupants in the front seats and in the second row of seats.

Good interior performance, with comfortable controls and lots of information.

In the case of having the third row of seatsan option that has a cost of 800 euros additional, these places are suitable for children or adults with height less than 1.60 meters. Access to the third row is quite simple, folding the backrest forward, although the resulting space to enter is somewhat fair.

Another advantage of this version is the possibility of move the second row seats forward or backward by 22 cmwhich makes it possible to improve the comfort of the occupants or increase the capacity of the trunk – with a hands-free automatic opening system – which, according to the brand, is of 575 liters, in the case of having five seats, seats in a central position and backrests inclined at 20 degrees. To facilitate the installation of a child seat or to improve access to the interior, the opening of the rear doors is 85 degreesalmost perpendicular to the line of the car.

The boot capacity, in a five-seater configuration, easily exceeds 500 litres.

The new X-Trail is available in 10 body colors with five two-tone combinations, four levels of completion: N-Connecta, Tekna, Tekna+ and Acenta (the latter reserved for the e-4ORCE 4×4 versions). Also offered are Connect, Skyline, Tech AT and Comfort packages and the panoramic roof options and 19-inch alloy wheels (they are 18-inch as standard in the access versions and 20-inch in the top of the range).

Offers infotainment system with connected services including smartphone integration compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Wi-Fi for up to seven devices and a specific application with which to interact and control the vehicle.

Seats in the third row, better for children.

In matters of safety and driving aids includes all current deviceswith frontal anti-collision system with predictive function, matrix LED headlights, central airbag between the two seats forwards, new generation of ProPilot Assist with Navi-linkcapable of automatically accelerating, braking and restarting if the car has been stopped for less than three seconds and the vehicle in front starts, among other safety and assistance devices.

e-Power motorization

The X-Trail is the second model in Nissan’s European range to be equipped with the e-Power drive systemwhich allows a form of 100% electric driving without the need to plug in, since it has a gasoline engine to produce the necessary electricity.

The e-Power system is made up of a 2.1 kWh battery (1.8 kWh useful), a 1.5 VCR-T three-cylinder gasoline engine variable compression ratio, a energy generatora investor and a electric motor 150 kW (204 hp) front, which transmits the power to the wheels. the combustion engine works within its optimal rangeusually between 1,600 and 2,400 rpm.

Great smoothness of operation and brilliant performance with the e-Power system.

Thanks to the behavior of the electric motor no delays in power delivery and yes an excellent response from par. In addition, it provides driving pretty quiet. The operation of the combustion engine is almost permanentbut it is true that when working at low speed most of the time, the Noise level that reaches the passenger compartment is quite bass.

For versions of all wheel drive uses a system designed for electrified engines, called e-4ORCE, also used in the 100% electric Ariya model. turn to two independent electric motors that provide 213 hp, thanks to the contribution of the 100 kW rear motor. It announces an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 7 seconds and promise one 10,000 times faster torque response than a mechanical all-wheel drive system. In addition, it has constant redistribution of torque between axles, and between wheelsin such a way that it ensures excellent traction in any ground condition.

The rear doors allow an opening angle of 85 degrees.

The X-Trail will also be offered with the engine Mild Hybrid 12V turbocharged 1.5 liter variable compression ratiowith a power of 120kw (163 hp) and 300 Nm of torque, keeping the same 1.5 thermal engine as the e-Power versions. this variant will only be offered in two wheel drive configurations with continuously variable transmission system Xtronic.

Incorporate the system e-Pedal Stepthat allows acceleration and braking almost to arrest using only the accelerator pedal. When the accelerator is released, the system increases the retention capacity to 0.2 g, without coming to a complete stop, turning on the brake lights, which makes driving easier, especially in curved areas or in the city.

Very nice

Undoubtedly, the electric propulsion mode of the new X-Trail provides a dose of smoothness and driving pleasure almost comparable to that of a 100% electric model. almost, because there is a little more noise than in an electric that exclusively uses batteries, since the X-Trail’s gasoline engine, although well insulated and under normal conditions does not rotate at a very high speedyes it is heard in strong accelerations.

Independent air conditioning and heated seats behind, at the top of the range.

Driving at a constant speed, it shows very nice, because the relationship between the speed of the combustion engine and the speed of the car is almost negligible. Only in areas with steep slopes and in the face of a great demand for power is something noisy noticeable, although not more than in a car with a combustion engine. However, what is strange is that in a model that moves with electrical energy, the noise of a combustion engine is heard.

As for the dynamic behavior, few objections. The version that we have been able to drive, e-Power with 213 CV of power, with the e-4ORCE four-wheel drive system, has a fairly firm suspensionbut not uncomfortable, very conditioned by 20-inch wheels with low-profile tires (255/45/R20) that mounts as standard. It shows quite a bit agile and quick reactionswith brilliant acceleration for a model of such size and weight (includes gasoline engine, electric motor or motors, fuel tank, battery and inverter, although it does not have a transmission system between axles). The directionelectrically assisted, is fast enough to function with ease in curved areas, although it has a somewhat artificial touch, with quite a self-centering effect.

We have not had an opportunity to measure the consumption figures with precision, but they have not seemed to us especially low, in the environment of the 7.8 l/100 km average, circulating at legal speeds on intercity sections and motorways. It is true that it is more pleasant than a model driven strictly by a combustion engine, but we expected more in terms of consumption. It does not seem especially efficient to burn gasoline to produce electricity that in turn serves to move the car, although the battery that it uses as a small mattress has a capacity of 1.8 kWh and is constantly charging and discharging depending on the route. , though does not download completely. If this situation were to occur, the generator would directly feed the electric motor so that there is always capacity for movement.


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