Martin Rütter is at 180! In programs such as “Der Hundeprofi”, “Martin Rütter – die Puppies are coming” and “Die Unvermittelbare” the 52-year-old gives lots of tips about four-legged friends. And the Duisburg native can only shake his head at how some people treat their dogs.

In his programs and on Instagram, Martin Rütter regularly criticizes the behavior of some people towards their four-legged friends. As a trained dog trainer, Rütter brings a lot of expertise with him. In “The VIP Dog Professional” he has already helped celebrities train their dogs.

Martin Rütter criticizes Iris Klein’s dog training

A celebrity lady who, in his opinion, should also get tutoring in dealing with the dog is Iris Klein, mother of cult blonde Daniela Katzenberger. Rütter shoots sharply at the 55-year-old on his Instagram account.

In his post, he posts a video that apparently comes from Iris Klein’s Instagram story. There, the Katzenberger mom films her house – and tells her followers about an electricity tape that she stretched around her table and upholstered furniture because of her dogs.

Martin Rütter: Iris Klein keeps dogs in check with electricity tapes

The goal: your dogs should stay away from the furniture. If you try it anyway, you will get a slight electric shock. “So folks, many of you have asked about this current tape. It only has very, very light current pulses. So the dogs don’t get a swipe that makes them fall over, just a very light electrical impulse and then they stay away,” explains Iris Klein.

But Martin Rütter has a big problem with this type of dog training. He thinks nothing of it and expresses it clearly in his Instagram post. “Between you and me, am I the only one who thinks it’s completely stupid to decorate your house with electric fences because you don’t exercise your dogs properly? And only I find it absolutely bizarre with which self-image people full of euphoria present completely insecure dogs? Hey, RTL should she take part in some trash format again, can you let her test the fences on herself?”

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Martin Rütter gets encouragement from his followers

The dog professional gets a lot of encouragement from the fans for his posting. “I think anyone who does this to their dog should rather buy a rubber dog from Amazon. This is the last one!”, for example, reads a comment under the post.

Source: Derwesten

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