“Laugh if it’s not enough to cry”
10 tips from grandma that will immediately enrich your life

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Some of grandma’s wisdom is just as valuable as it was when she was young. Right?

1. Wait 24 hours before purchasing anything larger

Good advice to protect us from spontaneous bulk purchases. We often only want things because we are on a buying spree. Sleeping on it for a night helps put things into perspective.

2. Never stop learning

The school days are over – and with it the learning? Our grandparents already knew that you should train your brain throughout your life. Because who has no challenges, dies long before death.

3. Other mothers have beautiful sons too

Admittedly, a saying that you don’t give a damn about when you’re heartbroken. But there’s a lot of truth in it. Love doesn’t cling to one person. If you can love, you will also find a new person to whom you belong.

4. In the end, it’s family that counts

Well, in grandma’s day, blended families and families of choice weren’t that common, but basically what they meant was: remember that in the end you won’t remember your career, but the lovely people around you.

5. Sweep your own door first

Exactly. Before we get upset about others, we should consider what problems we are projecting onto others. Because working on yourself is more difficult (but makes more sense) than badmouthing others.

6. The next spring will surely come

Everything dull and gray? And it will NEVER, EVER, EVER get better? No, because someday spring will come again. Believe it or not. In nature and in the soul.

7. In an emergency, the sausage also tastes good without bread

Cheers to compromises, especially when the much better variant emerges in the end.

8. Those who marry for money must earn it bitterly every day

The man is just okay, but his bank account is great? Our grandmother already knew that this tactic could make you unhappy in the long term. The better option is: Your own bank account is great, man is great. Perfect.

9. Laugh when crying isn’t enough

We get annoyed far too often about the small and medium-sized catastrophes in life. It’s better to laugh about it and not take it too seriously.

10. Never leave the house without a jacket!

How many times have we run out of the house in a sexy outfit and come back with a cold? We should have listened to Grandma’s advice!


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