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Hate speech does not come out of nowhere or from irrational impulses. Beneath the hate speeches that agitate superficially “anti-political” sectors and in reality aim to finish curtailing the economic and social rights of impoverished and excluded sectors, there are structures of domination. Sex, class, race are the main structures that sustain social hierarchies. Popular feminisms, transfeminisms, antipatriarchal, decolonial and antiracist movements aim to point out and modify these structures, also from pedagogy and philosophical thought.

Dissident pedagogies and philosophies emphasize these aspects. “Oppression makes sex, not the other way around,” argued materialist lesbian theorist and activist Monique Wittig. Both the concept of “race” and “sex” are constructions arising from racism and sexism, to justify the oppression/exploitation of certain social groups that had already been happening. The materialist feminist anthropologist Colette Guillaumin worked in this perspective. These artificial categories they cover the façade of the world with an intelligibility that favors the state of things remaining the same, because it is “common sense” that things “are” like this and cannot be otherwise.

feminist and philosopher juliet massacesethe writer and journalist Walter Lezcanomember of the Brown Identity Collectiveand the trans activist Alba Wheelspecial representative on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity of the Argentine Foreign Ministry, met to present on these issues at a table convened by the Professor Elisa Caruso Departmental Conference of the Joaquín V. González Higher Institute of Professors.

“The indigenous phenotype marks the space where you move. We hear the affectionate word ‘negri’ and also the insulting word ‘negro’. Because of our skin color we have assigned roles in Argentine society. We are in Caritas advertisements, in marches, like prisoners in television series. We are never producing knowledge, pleasure, enjoying being alive. When George Floyd was murdered, many put a black circle on his profile picture, which did not happen with the death of any brown victim of the easy trigger. No one put a brown circle,” said Walter Lezcano.

Another serious problem, which is becoming more acute with the advance of conservative anti-rights sectors and their hate speech, are the attempts to exclude trans, transvestite and non-binary people from the confines of society. That way of observing, oppressing and discriminating against people who do not perceive themselves as having the sex assigned at birth is called cissexism.

Since 2019, the Micaela Law establishes in Argentina mandatory training in gender and gender-based violence for all people who work in public office, in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the Nation. Gender violence includes that suffered by lgtb people. A state worker, Alba Rueda also received this training in 2019. “At one point the person giving the training pointed at me and told me ‘this is for women,’ implying that we transvestites were excluded from the law.”

“The anti-gender and anti-trans movement is growing in our country. One sector is called ‘Sex-Based Feminists’. An example of their anti-rights actions is the protection presented by a group against the national census, so that the State removes the identities of trans women and trans men from the form. It was the first census in Latin America that included the question about gender identity. The first time that the question about gender identity was asked in all households and gender identity was recognized for everyone, not just trans people. The trans-exclusionary movement is acting against the recognition of rights, ten years after the enactment of the Gender Identity Law. Our agenda is the expansion of rights. What is the political agenda of this sector that acts to curtail rights?” asks Alba Rueda.

The philosopher Julieta Massacese, in her work “A profile of the radfem movement in Argentina: taxonomies, antecedents and controversies” deals with the theory behind this “conservative feminist movement based on sex”.

“The so-called ‘sex-based activism’ opposes the progressive nature of human rights with regard to gender identity. Their positions are consistent with proposals of trans-exclusive radical feminism, but it is a broader alliance, of an expressly legal tone, which is characterized by being antitrans”, explains Julieta Massacese.

Meanwhile, Alba Rueda maintains that “it is not enough just to describe inequalities, but it is necessary to call everyone to have a commitment to take action against these positions and against inequalities in living conditions.”

Faced with these pressing social inequalities, different strategies were proposed from the panel.

For Walter Lezcano it is important to demand statistics on the murders that are racialized and the job possibilities of brown people. And also “create a type of political poetry that breaks that image that puts us in a specific place. Racism with brown is a problem in this country. People die for it, lose opportunities and live badly. Our Brown Identity Collective seeks to make this visible”.

For her part, as a trans activist, Alba Rueda calls for “constantly placing ourselves on a political agenda against trans-exclusionary and anti-rights sectors and retrieve lost knowledge in Latin American epistemologies, knowledge that is developed orally and that serves to confront inequalities in the Global South. We find this knowledge, for example, in the trava perspective on care tasks. That they are not only intergenerational because the Travas within the same generation take care of ourselves in lots of situations of exclusion, and not always at home, because the home is usually an insecure place for the Travas. Our approach to knowledge is communitarian”.

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