The Mexican archaeologist Eduardo Matos Moctezuma received the Princess of Asturias Award for Social Sciences 2022 and affirmed that history is “relentless in its judgments” and one cannot “try to manipulate it or commit the nonsense of misrepresenting it.”

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During the award ceremony Princess of Asturias Awardsthat Matos Moctezuma received for his contribution to the knowledge of pre-Hispanic societies and cultures, assured that history is written by the peoples, forgers of “better futures”, and that in it ignorance is a “bad adviser” that often leads to lies.

“History and archeology take us in front of the societies of the past and show us that many of them were creators of important advances and that, in their future, empires and powerful rulers arose who in their arrogance believed that they would be eternal, but it was not. like this”, stressed the promoter of research that has served to rebuild the civilizations of Mexico and Mesoamerica.

In his speech, Matos Moctezuma he extolled the “indissoluble ties” between Mexico and Spain after past “long struggles”, when in 1521 “the meeting of two different ways of thinking, of societies that had their own vision of the universe” took place.

After recalling that in 1821 “independent” Mexico began its own path, he stressed that only 15 years later both countries established diplomatic relations and “Mexico recognized Spain and Spain recognized Mexico as an independent nation, a good example to overcome past grievances.”

At this point, he lamented that every war entails “death, destruction, desolation, imposition, injustice and violence”, something that both nations have experienced firsthand and that should not be forgotten.

“This is not forgotten, but neither can we anchor ourselves in the past and hold grudges, but rather look forward. In this, Mexico and Spain must rise towards a promising future”, said the archaeologist, founder of the Templo Mayor Project, which revealed to the world the ancient ceremonial center or “Sacred Enclosure” that the Aztecs built in ancient Tenochtitlan.

Matos Moctezuma He pointed out that awards such as the Princess of Asturias are not only for the people or institutions to whom they are awarded, but also for those “teachers” who trained and supported them in the course of their career, a point at which he fondly remembered many of them.

“All recognition carries honor, but also gratitude from those who receive it. These awards that we receive today in this House of the Muses are a hymn to intelligence, ”said the 81-year-old scientist and more than 60 dedicated to his profession.

Matos Moctezuma had a special memory for the National Autonomous University of Mexico, which has been the forger of “thousands and thousands of men and women” who over time have given “greatness” to the country “through science and the humanities”, and also for the Mexican Academy of Language, institutions that promoted his candidacy for the award.

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