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General practitioner and expert at the Hemotest laboratory, Elena Gorina, in an interview with RT, recommended sticking to a varied diet rich in vitamins and minerals, maintaining normal vitamin D, and adjusting sleep patterns to get rid of fatigue in the autumn.

If these basic measures do not help, fatigue can be a sign of endocrine disorders, depressive disorders, anemia, and even an independent disease – all this requires thorough diagnosis and treatment, the RT interlocutor explained.

Often, fatigue in the fall is due to the fact that lifestyle is not changing for the better. Compared to summer – the season of fruits, berries and vegetables – in the cold period there is a tendency to more fatty and high-calorie foods.

“Such dietary changes lead to the fact that the body does not receive vitamins and minerals important for health. To improve well-being, it is necessary to adjust the diet and check the levels of vitamins in the blood to make up for a possible deficiency. It is not recommended to take vitamins on your own, without prior diagnosis, since their excess can harm the body, ”the specialist added.

Vitamin D deserves special attention, with a lack of which the work of various body systems is disrupted.

A person receives this valuable substance from food, such as fish, eggs. However, most vitamin D is produced independently under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

“The problem is that in autumn the daylight hours are noticeably reduced, and there are fewer and fewer sunny days. To bring vitamin D back to normal, it is necessary to pass an analysis and get doctor’s recommendations on the dosage and duration of administration, ”Gorina said.

In addition, she recalled that hygiene and sleep patterns are a simple but extremely significant rule for getting rid of constant fatigue.

Also, according to her, if a balanced diet and quality sleep do not relieve constant fatigue, this is a reason to see a doctor to find a “breakdown” in the body and fix it.

“This condition can occur due to disorders in the thyroid gland, iron deficiency anemia, post-covid syndrome,” the general practitioner emphasized.

She added that feeling tired could also be a sign of a debilitating disease called chronic fatigue syndrome.

“The causes of chronic fatigue syndrome are still unknown, various assumptions are being made, research is being carried out. In most patients with this syndrome, antibodies to herpes viruses and impaired cellular immunity are detected. Family cases of the disease are known, it is necessary to exclude a genetic predisposition, ”the expert concluded.

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