The most absurd discovery in abstract art has just happened: a work by Piet Mondrian has been hanging upside down for more than 75 years.

The works of art exhibited in the different museums are always or, well, almost always placed in the orientation in which they were conceived. Sometimes this is complicated by the size of the works or the proximity of the museums, but this rule is usually followed. Of course, there are always exceptions like what has happened with a Mondrian painting.

Piet Mondrian or also known as just Mondrian was a Dutch avant-garde painter. His relevance in the art world is such that, even now, his legacy continues to be present within the different schools of neoplasticism. Mondrian’s works are exhibited in museums around the world and are admired by a huge number of visitors.

Among his most famous paintings is Composition in Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White which is in the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, the Netherlands. It is possibly the most famous work he has or, at least, the best known by the general public; but it is not the one that interests us since that one is hanging in the correct position.

The abstract works of art by Piet Mondrian are complicated to interpret and even more so when they are not finished. The painting that has been exhibited in different museum halls for more than 75 years and to add insult to injury, he has spent his entire existence hanging upside down in the different museums in which it has been exhibited.

Mondrian’s works of art continue to make people talk today, even if it is because of their orientation

As reported by ABC, Susane Meyer-Büser has discovered that this work by Mondrian is hanging upside down. What has led this curator to discover this great little detail is the study of the work, giving rise to statements in which she indicates that the thickening of the grid should be in the upper area.

Susane Meyer-Büser’s word is supported by several pieces of evidence: a photograph in Mondrian’s studio showing the painting on an easel reversed from its current orientation and a painting in the same style found in the Pompidou in Paris that is in the correct orientation.

Seeing all this, the most logical thought is to believe that it can be solved by turning it around and that’s it. But this cannot be done, since the work has been hanging upside down for more than 75 years, if the orientation is changed, it would be destroyed due to gravity. And, it is that, the tapes that are present in the work would not withstand this change of orientation.


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