'Derry Girls' says goodbye on Netflix with a season 3 that leaves us with a magnificent bittersweet ending but full of hope

It remains too buried in Netflix’s massive catalog, but ‘Derry Girls’ has earned to be considered as one of the best comedies that we can face each other on the platform.

Like so many other series, the third season of ‘Derry Girls‘ took a swerve with the pandemic that delayed its filming and its premiere, but after waiting a long time (truly, the wait has become eternal), at last new chapters have arrived Netflix.

The bad? Is that if the seasons of ‘Derry Girls’ were already too short, this one leaves us with the bitter aftertaste of having to say goodbye forever of Erin’s gang and all the characters we’ve fallen in love with throughout the series.

My life is changing every day

Through the previous seasons we have been getting to know Erin Quinn and his gang formed by his cousin Orla, Clare, Michelle and Jamesher cousin, in her small town in Northern Ireland in the 1990s.

We have seen the ceasefire, the intrigue to know who Keyser Söze really is, the differences and similarities between Catholics and Protestants, and also how far you can go to go to a Take That concert. But With this season, it’s time to grow up.

Yes ‘Derry Girls‘ begins with the arrival of James at school, it is natural that it ends at the point where our group of protagonists become adults.

The whole season has that little touch of melancholy of knowing that a stage is coming to an end. as Erin, Clare, Orla, Michelle and James prepare for whatever life throws at them It’s full of change, starting with the group dynamics and also how the political landscape of the country is becoming very different very quickly and so must they take charge of your future.

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And even so, ‘Derry Girls’ is still as funny and quirky as we can expect from it. Yes, it hits us several very hard reality checks and it is also possibly the season that has the most intense and serious moments, but it balances them perfectly with a season that makes you laugh and smile on more than one occasion.

in every possible way

We have some of the most crazy episodes of the series in the season, and especially the moment dedicated to the mothers of the protagonists, who were the ‘Derry Girls’ of their generation, is a hilarious bicoca where they are allowed to let their hair down .

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If there is something to blame, in reality it is precisely the end. Not the entire chapter itself, which takes place after a small time jump to plunge us fully into a decisive election day that will change the course of the country. It is a very sentimental chapter, but one that is full of hope while the characters analyze what they want from the future.

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The whole last sequence makes you tear up when you see how much these characters have grown throughout the three seasons, and leaves us a magnificent closing sequence… That the truth is that it is a bit clouded by a cameo somewhat taken from the manga as an almost “post-credits” scene. Yes, it is true that she connects like that with the previous season, but that it seems out of place and sends a bit of a mess to the emotional previous scene with which we have been so pleased.

But leaving this little detail pencil sharpener aside, the third season of ‘Derry Girls‘ is magnificent, augmenting all the elements that have made it One of the best comedy series of recent years.

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