Surely in social networks you have seen a lot of relaxation around a case known as Roswell in Brazil, an alleged accident and UFO encounter that occurred back in 1996 in the Brazilian municipality of Varginha.

And before we talk about why so many people are talking about this case after so many years, let’s first bring the incredible story to the table.

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The Vargina case

How did it all begin? In January 1996, the inhabitants of the municipality of Varginha began to speak of strange creatures observed in the area. At that time, three adolescents became famous for recounting in detail the encounter they had with a creature in a vacant lot on January 20 of that year.

According to what they said, the three were walking near a vacant lot when at approximately 3:30 p.m. they saw something crouched next to a wall in the undergrowth.

They describe her as a creature a little over three feet tall, with brown, oily skin that had V-shaped feet, very large eyes, and a head. Over time various artists made illustrations from the description.

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And here comes the supposed catch.

The account states that about three hours after this encounter with the girls, two Brazilian military policemen were passing on a road near the land when a creature ran in front of the car, for which they hit it.

One of the officers identified as Marco Chereze allegedly grabbed the creature and took it to a local hospital. A short time later that man developed an infection that ultimately killed him.

And here begins the muddy Army.

An anonymous ex-soldier testified for the documentary Moment of Contact, by director James Fox, that he participated in the transfer of the body of that child from the hospital in Varginha to an army base.

This person also describes that creature as having oily skin, with a funny smell. He describes that one of the soldiers had a movie camera and that there is a video of it in the possession of the government.

According to this, in a matter of hours the United States Air Force arrived at the Brazilian base and sent two helicopters to the scene to collect something.

And how is that creature supposed to have reached our planet?

In January 1996, the residents of Varginha claimed to have seen a cigar-shaped object, as big as a bus, falling from the sky and crashing in a field.

A witness to this, identified as Carlos de Souza, stated that he took his car and went to see. When he arrived at the place he smelled of ammonia. He saw debris and picked up an aluminum sheet from the ground that was very light.

But within minutes military trucks arrived and ordered him to leave. Slowly More soldiers arrived in the city and cordoned off several city blocks, preventing entry.

This structure is actually a spaceship-shaped water tower built in Varginha to commemorate the alleged UFO contact that occurred in the city.

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The Brazilian Army has always denied everything.

Why is this case being talked about on social media?

Director James Fox recently released a documentary called Moment of Contact, precisely about this case. In it we can find interviews with several people who witnessed or even participated in this alleged alien contact.

And it is he himself who recently assured that he spoke with at least three people who saw photos and a video of the body of that alien. In his social networks he has said that there will be more information about it soon and the rumor has spread that this information will come to light.

Will be?

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