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5 parenting practices that make sense, according to a therapist

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How do you bring up your child “correctly”? All parents probably ask this question. A therapist who is a mother of two children has very special methods.

There is probably no bond stronger than that between a mother and her child. Accordingly, at least once in her life (but probably more times a day) almost every mom comes to the point of wondering if she is raising her children well. A therapist who has been practicing for two decades is now sharing her educational measures online, which surprises some users.

These 5 things a mother and therapist avoids with her children

Parenting is as diverse as parents and children are different. Add to that your own ideas and countless other factors. The methods are accordingly individual – as is the case with a mother from Virginia. She has been a practicing therapist for 20 years and in a TikTok video she explains the things she would never do to her children.

1. Not asking for their approval

“I ask my children for their consent before I hug them,” Jessica begins her list. She explains why she does it like this: “I teach them the importance of physical autonomy and standing up for themselves when they feel uncomfortable.” The reactions? Very different. “I can never hug my children again,” laughs a user. “I find the point about the hugs funny, but I get your point,” says another.

2. Make the body an issue

Another point: “I don’t comment on their bodies or talk about mine in front of them,” the therapist continues. “We also don’t discuss diet and physical activity.”

3. Talking about money

One thing Jessica also keeps secret from her kids is her finances: “I don’t talk about how much money I make or where it goes. It’s none of her business,” she clarifies.

4. Compare them to each other

According to Jessica’s feelings, it is also important: no comparisons. “I don’t compare my children to each other, nor do I name siblings as role models for them.”

5. Use food as a reward

last but not least she explains that she “puts no value on food” and neither rewards nor punishes her children.

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