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Alfonso, the murderer, did not want to change them while his father wanted to put new ones. The man stabbed the old man with an awl.

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The massacre caused by Alfonso in Argamasilla of Calatrava (Ciudad Real) Last Wednesday it originated after a fight with his father over some fences that had to be placed in the field.

As EL MUNDO has learned, the 81-year-old father wanted to buy new ones and replace the others due to their poor condition, while Alfonso chose to fix the ones he had. They began to argue until the murderer grab a punch and started to stab his father all over his body. The 81-year-old man managed to get away from his son and escape. As he ran, Alfonso yelled at him: Where are you going? I’m going to go get the shotgun and you’ll see.

His father continued to run screaming and when he reached the gate of the farm, he closed it so that his son could not leave. The neighbor from the next field who witnessed the scene on his tractor began to scold Alfonso for him to leave the old man. He tried to help him and that was his downfall.

Alfonso, the alleged murderer (left), with his father, also named
Alfonso, the alleged murderer (left), with his father, also named Alfonso.

Alfonso carried out his threat and left the house with a 30-06 caliber big game hunting rifle with telescopic sight. He started shooting at cars. His father crouched down. Alfonso went straight to the neighbor who had tried to mediate. he shot him through the femoral and died on the spot. The old man, panic-stricken and aware of the misfortune his son had caused could grow worse if he did not stop him, called 112. A Local Police patrol traveled to Alfonso’s field.

He waited for the agents behind a wall and shoots them at close range. They had no time to react. He shot them as they got out of the vehicle to talk to him and tried to neutralize him. He killed one with a shot to the head and the other, left wounded to the thigh height and motionless. They both fell to the ground. Alfonso continued firing. Instantly, the Civil Guard and a patrol of the National Police, who brought their vehicle to try to protect the two men who were on the ground. They still did not know if they were wounded or dead but they could not verify it. The murderer received them with a rain of shots and screams. The officers dropped to the ground and immediately understood that they needed backup to contain Alfonso and take control of the situation. On the ground, they verified that the man had no intention of dialoguing. Neither capacity.

Agents of the Civil Guard, inspect the scene of the events on the d
Agents of the Civil Guard inspect the scene of the events on the day of the event.CARLOS GARCA WELL

The Civil Guard requests urgent reinforcements from the Ciudad Real Command. Was the lieutenant colonel who urgently asked the money transport company to lend him the armored van to deal with Alfonso and be able to help the wounded. The Citizen Security Unit (USESIC) of Ciudad Real is activated by the dimension of the event. Upon his arrival aboard the armored vehicle, Alfonso, sheltered behind a window, shot them indiscriminately. First they get 30 meters away and finally decide to go in to pick up and help the wounded. The van has to get around him; practically go through it.

Alfonso continued to pull the trigger and, seeing that it is an armored vehicle, decides to shoot it from below, causing the bullet to enter and wound a Civil Guard agent in the leg. The agents manage to pass him, and pick up the wounded and also the deceased policeman. As Alfosno continued to shoot while helping the wounded, the agents opened fire on the house to cover those who went down for the wounded and one of those bullets shot him down.


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