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The latest update of The Sims 4 has brought many domestic accidents.

One of the best news of the month is that finally The Sims 4 is a free-to-play game, so you can download and play it for free on your PC. Not only was it a natural step in the life simulator, but now it will be more accessible than ever. Not everything is good news because a fire causing bug constantly. Yes, as you read it. Players are experiencing a bug that causes everything burns and not only the kitchen. And it seems that it is not the only change that has happened these days.

To any player The Sims 4 Has your kitchen ever burned down, especially if you don’t have this culinary skill? Nothing very wild, a scare that is solved calling the fire department. However, the latest update to The Sims 4 has brought a series of catastrophic misfortunes for players. The reddit forum of the game is filling up with testimonials from users who do not believe what is happening. “I think my save game is cursed. Three times in a row. Really?said a player.

The problem persists and this same player again posted a catch with fire. This time he burned his Sim’s shower, something really weird which happens infrequently. Everything is on fire and the players don’t know why. In other social networks there have also been complaints and some sims are dying because of these incidents. “No matter what level of cooking my Sim has, it always catches fire, pointed another player. So for now we recommend a tutorial to put out and avoid fires in The Sims 4.

A bug in The Sims 4 update

the sims 4 fire

The fire spreads throughout the house if the fire department is not called soon

This increase in fires may be due to a latest update failed, where the Loyal trait was introduced. Although it should not be related, the truth is that users do not find another explanation for all these domestic accidents What’s happening to them. Not only because of the fires, but many players believe that bad things are happening to their Sims since the aforementioned update arrived. “There seems to be a bug right now where more bad things happen much more often usual”another explained.

Among the bad things, the Sims are deteriorating their relationship, there are more fights than normal and some spontaneous deaths. This is coupled with a large number of accidents, where stoves catch fire randomly and several times a day. Let’s hope that EA already works on a new patch to stop this wave of incidents and thus play quietly with our domestic unit. If you want to use the new feature that has been added, we also tell you how to change character traits in the sims 4.

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