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There is a new danger for traffic in the city. They are not afraid to recklessly cross the road or break the police cordon after a murder. They are autonomous robots.

We have received a spectacular and, at the same time, disturbing video of a autonomous delivery robot of the company star shipbeing hit by a train while crossing the road.

We are told that these delivery robots are absolutely safe, but some incidents in recent months indicate that they are not fully prepared to face 100% of real-world situations.

The train track what’s up the Oregon State University, in the United States, is becoming a death trap for the delivery robots of the Starship. A couple of years ago there was already a delivery robot run over, which was repeated last March.

As we can see in this video, the train runs over a delivery robot that was crossing the road, and destroys it completely, before the screams of the woman who is recording everything:

It’s about a rail crossing without barrier which is in the middle of the university campus, and students tend to order a lot of food at home, which is served by these starship robots. So it’s a place heavily trafficked by robots. At least two have already been run over.

The fact that there is no barrier does not justify the robot cannot see the train, in the same way that when crossing the roads there is no barrier and you do see the cars coming.

From what the witnesses say, the key is that the wheels of the robots get stuck on the track. This is what seems to have happened to the poor robot in the video, since it was standing in the middle of the road. That would justify his behavior: he surely did see the train, but I can’t help it by getting stuck.

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Another tragicomic incident took place last month. This time the robot was not injured, but it did leave the police wondering what to do.

It happened in Los Angeles. A crime had been committed in the middle of the street, so the police surrounded the area with a police cordon. But a delivery robot decided that the thing was not for him, so he did not hesitate to cross the police barrier. One person had to lift the tape, so it wouldn’t break:

As we see the police meets the robot inside the police fence, and between astonishment and doubt, they let it pass. But what if the robot decides to walk over a piece of evidence, and destroys it?

These are complicated situations and, surely, unavoidable. After all, human delivery people also have accidents, unfortunately. But it seems clear that the algorithms of the autonomous delivery robots They are still very improvable. That is why it is inevitable that some “die” in the line of duty, hit by a train.

Source: computerhoy.com

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