The deputy Gerardo Milman was in the center of the scene after a key witness told Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti that the legislator already knew on August 30 that two days later the attempted assassination of Cristina Kirchner was going to be committed. “He said ‘when they kill her I’m on my way to the coast’ and they laughed to death”, said that witness who heard him in a restaurant near Congress.

Milman’s path to the hard wing of the PRO

The conversion of Gerard Milman What one of the referents of the hard wing of macrismo went hand in hand with Patricia Bullrich and occurred after years of dissent in her party of origin, the Radical Civic Union (UCR). Milman militated there from his youth until he exiled himself with the successive groups of rebels that year after year he formed, in different groups and small alliances of individual positioning.

In 2007 he was one of the promoters of the presidential candidacy of Elisa Carrió when it was supported by Bullrich from his Union for Liberty group. Milman then accompanied Margaret Stolbizer in the creation of GEN (Generation for a National Encounter)an alliance for which in 2011 he was a candidate for mayor of Avellaneda and for which, two years later, he obtained his first seat in the Chamber of Deputies.

His profile began to become public when during the government of Cristina Kirchner he was opposition member of AFSCA (Federal Authority for Audiovisual Communication Services). There he was in charge of rejecting each one of the initiatives regarding the application of the Media Law; particularly the readjustment of Grupo Clarín. Later, with the arrival of Mauricio Macri to power, he was a promoter of the intervention of that body.

His figure took on particular prominence when, together with Bullrich and different figures from the macrismo, he became one of the leaders who installed suspicions about the death of prosecutor Alberto Nismanand opened unusual hypotheses about his alleged murder.

A worshiper of repression

During the PRO government, he began to exploit his links with sectors of the Judiciary and his presumed specialization in security matters. He was appointed by Patricia Bullrich as secretary of homeland security of the Ministry of Security.

One of his first measures as well known as controversial was the creation of the “protocol for social protest”a host of prerogatives and prohibitions with which the Cambiemos/Juntos por el Cambio government justified the repression and criminalization of social protest, and even restricted the guarantees of journalistic coverage of these events.

Milman’s bum corner

Shortly after Milman was the protagonist of a scandal that called into question his training and ability. He publicly planted the hypothesis that Salvadoran gangs had links with drug groups operating in the province of Buenos Aires. And to prove it, he published data on those organizations that, as it turned out, had taken from the website “Rincón del Vago”.

Santiago Maldonado, Rafael Nahuel, Luis Chocobar

As a Security official, he was also one of those in charge of demonize the presence of Mapuche communities in Patagoniadenounce the never proven existence of the group RAM (Mapuche Ancestral Resistance) and promote repression against that original people. After the murder and disappearance of Santiago Maldonado, Milman was one of the national officials who spread false clues about the young craftsman and who later supported the theory of drowning by his own will of the militant who had been a victim of Gendarmerie repression during a protest in Chubut .

The other heavy-handed deed that defended was murder from behind committed by the local police Luis Chocobar against a man who had been caught red-handed in a robbery. Milman not only justified the carrying of the weapon on the agent who was off duty at the time, but also justified the shooting from behind: “You can shoot from behind, of course you can shoot. You can’t kill him.”he declared.

With the same logic he had defended the murder of Raphael Nahuel, in Lago Mascardi, which occurred in November 2017. The young man was participating in a recovery of territories when an operative from the Prefecture entered shooting and killed him from behind. Milman said that the security forces had “acted in an armed conflict and there was a shooting”, but that was not so. There was no aggression or a response with weapons by the young Mapuche or those who were with him.

On the trigger-happy side

milman too he was one of the authors of the general regulation for the use of firearms with which Patricia Bullrich gave carte blanche for the trigger pull. To justify that, the then official had said that it was “ridiculous” that the police “could not repel an act if they were not attacked before.”

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