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With pearls, bright, colored, hanging chains… the world of piercing has become sophisticated so much so that it has generated a boom of small brands of entrepreneurs that are added to recognized jewelry stores. That rebellious accessory from the 90s, which seemed already out of fashion, has recently experienced a boom thanks to famous and influencers that show different combinations, as if it were one more element of the look. Until the Princess Leonor wears a second earring.

The most successful area is the lobe, where several are placed in a chain. “It is followed by the helix and tragus area”, reveals David Aznar piercing from Aristocrazy, who also corroborates that the star time to get pierced is no longer just summer. Although it looks more, “it coincides with a bad time if you are a fan of the sun, the pool and the sea“. Seasonality is over.


The latest trend is to put several ‘piercing’ in the lobe following the anatomy of the person.aristocrazy

In recent years, Aznar has seen an increase in the areas that they are asked to pierce, mainly in the ears. “The choice of fine jewelry is a trend both for beginners and for update old piercings“. From the classics to combinations of several in what the piercers they call ear design: “We analyze the anatomy, its possibilities and the initial jewelry and, in many cases, what we will update that initial jewelry with.”


Detail of the earrings worn by presenter Cristina Pedroche.
Detail of the earrings worn by presenter Cristina Pedroche.gtres

do you want to make a piercing? It is suitable for everyone but, according to Aznar, it would be preferable to wait if:

  • You are pregnant or you are breastfeeding.
  • You are going to go to the beach or pool in the next three weeks.
  • You are going to make a plane trip (flight of more than eight hours).
  • If you are under 16, for example, at Aristocrazy we do not allow it.
  • If you are over 16 but underage, you must be accompanied by your guardian.
Actress Paula Echevarría also follows the trend.
Actress Paula Echevarría also follows the trend.gtres

There are several things to keep in mind before and after having a piercing. “First, choose a piercing that be trusted. You don’t necessarily have to work with 18k solid gold and diamonds like in Aristocrazy, but you should work with titanium and aseptic technique. I believe that everyone should have access to make piercings“, Explain.

In addition, it is a “long-lasting wound” that is to say, we are going to need months (from four to 12, depending on the perforation and each case must always be individualized) to get the piercing stabilize. “One of the best treatments for a piercing it is patience, along with hygiene and following the recommendations”. Finally, although it seems a little strange, “sleep and eat well, Along with drinking plenty of water, it will help your piercing heal better, since your immune system will be in good condition,” says Aznar.


As long as you go to a good professional and follow proper care, the risks are minimized. But, obviously, any cartilage is a tissue that is more likely to cause complications than any other area of ​​the body, the expert clarifies: “Even if they tell you otherwise, a cartilage normally takes a year or more to heal completely and, in that year, you must go to revisions and not place materials that your piercing trustworthy”.

The interpreter Marion Cotillard shows that it is also an art that Parisians dominate.
The interpreter Marion Cotillard shows that it is also an art that Parisians dominate.gtres

When can we exchange one for the other? “You must take at least the initial jewel three to four months and, during the first year, as long as the exchange is for 14kt or 18kt solid gold (baths are not valid), biocompatible titanium (certified), niobium or borosilicate (glass). Although the ideal is to use this type of material most of the time, since our body will appreciate it,” warns Aznar.


First, go to your trusted professional to confirm the suspicion that you are infected and who will refer you to the doctor, after making the adjustments that your piercing need, explains Aznar. “Pharmacies, unfortunately, sell antibiotic ointment and antiseptics when in most cases what is happening is that the piercing is not infected, if not in a natural healing process or in an over-inflammation. In both cases, neither antiseptic nor antibiotic solve the problem. Although they can have a positive effect in the short term, in the long term they can be potentially harmful,” says David Aznar.

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton also boasts earrings in his ear.
Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton also boasts earrings in his ear.gtres

To avoid risks, the materials must be taken into account. “Silver must be of high quality and when our piercing is completely healed. Steel is not the best choice and the most professionalized part of the piercing has already deprecated it. Due to biocompatibility and weight, it does not make it a material of choice.”

Solid gold, titanium, niobium and borosilicate will be the ideal materials to “save us allergies, irritations and other complications”, both in piercings Recent as well as healed. “Being able to use other materials in a timely and sporadic manner, but returning to these as soon as possible”, warn the piercing.


David Aznar slides mainly two:

  1. Don’t touch the piercing “never again”.
  2. Keep your piercing clean and dry.

These two are the phrases you will hear the most of any piercing. With do not use antiseptics or antibiotics If you don’t need to do it on our own. “In this sense, both pharmacists and doctors immediately prescribe them and it is not always positive or solves the problem, since the adjustment that must be made is another.”

Can the sun give us when we do it? “It is recommended that we leave three to four weeks in which we do not sunbathe directly and intentionally, although the sun can and should naturally affect the recommended 15 minutes of sunlight daily to reach the necessary vitamin D “says Aznar.

And what about sport, can we do physical exercise after piercing us? It will always depend on the area in which we do it and the activity you do. “If you practice a contact sport, I do not recommend make you piercings. Or if you just did the piercing of the navel, don’t start doing sit-ups or dancing, since that excess of movement will generate irritation”, warns Aznar. Pure common sense.

After playing sports, “important do a cleaning of your piercing with hot water or physiological serum sterile and dry very well with a supported sterile gauze that absorbs moisture”, concludes the piercer.

Source: www.elmundo.es

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