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Mexico.- Over the years, the popularity of streamers has been increasing, especially that of the Spanish speakersY The Rubius and AuronPlayare a clear example of this.

These youtubers increased the amount of their content due to the great support they have received in their country of origin, Spain, but in Latin America there are also thousands of followers who have been supporting them for some time now, and Mexico is one of the places that most support these content creators.

Recently, both AuronPlay as El Rubiushave been involved in a controversy huge, after both streamers made comments in which they despise the communities of the Mexican Republic.

The award of the ‘ESLAND‘, is an important event in which they give recognition to Hispanic streamers, and this 2023 the second edition of these awards will be held in Mexico.

For Mexican fans, the news that the award will take place in this country was sensational, however, for youtubers in Spain it was not a very pleasant idea.

It was in this way that the Spanish Rubén Doblas ‘El Rubius’, and Raúl Álvarez ‘AuronPlay’, expressed their disagreement through a live broadcast, where they indicated that they did not want to make such a long tripand assured that other Spanish youtubers agree with the same.

“Who is going to go to Mexico? Only you, Juan?” “No one is going to go to Mexico,” El Rubius said.

For his part, AuronPlay said that “just thinking about going to Mexico gave him COVID,” alluding that he would prefer to contract the disease before going to the celebration of the ESLAND.

It should be noted that none of the streamers made a denigrating comment to Mexico or the community as such, but rather they did not want to travel as much.

However, many users expressed their anger at the statements of the two important youtubers about not wanting to visit Mexican lands just out of laziness.

The Mexican streamer, John Guarnizo He came out in defense of the denials that his colleagues on the YouTube platform were making.

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“I know that they are lazy, but, friends from Spain, we are also lazy to go [a España] many times, but we know that the community is excited. Many times we have traveled solely and exclusively for the community, we have traveled because we know that they are excited,” said the Mexican.

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