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These are the wide economic differences when it comes to passing the ITV in one Autonomous Community or another.

It is absolutely essential that all drivers pass the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV) of your car, a mandatory review that ensures that your vehicle is in the ideal state to be able to circulate on our roads and depending on the autonomous community in which you find yourself, you will pay one price or another when passing this inspection.

And it is that there may be differences of up to 185.4% in the rates of the Technical Vehicle Inspection ITV according to the autonomous community in which you are, a inspection which can be done uphill if you are in one of the communities where it is more expensive to spend it, a price that can even be increased if we talk about motorcycles.

To demonstrate this, FACUA has detected differences of up to 185.4% in inspection rates for gasoline-powered cars and up to 116.1% in diesel cars.

As they point out in their report, the average price of the ITV in the 17 autonomous communities at present It is €35.98 for gasoline carswhich represents an increase of 3.6% compared to 2021; and €43.51 for those equipped with a diesel enginewhich is 4.3% more expensive than 2021.

In regards to gasoline carsthe Valencian Community is the territory with the highest ITV rate with €48.55, followed by Euskadi with €47.44, Ceuta with €46.73 and the Community of Madrid with €45.40.

The cheapest rates for gasoline-powered cars are in Mallorca at €17.01, Murcia €22.30, Andalusia €26.19 for vehicles with less than 1,600 cc and Extremadura with a rate of €29.25.

speaking of the passenger cars equipped with a diesel engine the most expensive autonomous community is the Valencian Community at €63.22, followed by the Community of Madrid at €59.24 and Ceuta at €55.43.

And about the cheapest rates is Extremadura at €29.25, Andalusia for cars of less than 1600 cc at €30.79 and Murcia at €30.90.

There are also differences in the price of the ITV for motorcycles

And speaking of motorcycles, the average rate of the rates to pass the ITV in the 17 autonomous communities is €20.81, an increase of 3.3% compared to 2021. In this category, the difference between the most expensive and the The most economical reaches 280.9%.

So passing a motorcycle the ITV in the Community of Madrid is €38.89 and the cheapest is in Mallorca where it costs €10.21.

With this FACUA report, you now have a much clearer idea of ​​what it will cost you to pass the ITV on your car or motorcycle.


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