The figures presented yesterday by the municipal government, of 5,703 million and 121 in tax cuts, lack a third force to cling to. The extension of the current ones, inevitable

José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor of Madrid, during the press conference.MS
  • Budget Project A legal minimum IBI, 7% social increase and 121 million tax reductions

For a month, in the corridors of the Palacio de Cibeles they lost all hope of being able to carry out the latest budgets of the legislature. The light for those 5,703 million broken down yesterday went out when Javier Ortega-Smith, during the plenary session in September, took the microphone under the roof of the Crystal Gallery and pronounced, heated, those words that still resonate in the ears of the municipal government: “We have a red line.” The Vox candidate spoke of removing the restrictions and fines on A-label and industrial vehicles or there would be no option to sit down to negotiate. Obviously, he was (and is) interpreted as slamming the door to any option to approve the last digits of the legislature.

«I do not rule out the extension of the current budgets. The position of the groups does not invite optimism”, the mayor admitted yesterday morning, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida, even with the hard digestion of what he experienced in his seat at the Metropolitan. In public and in private, the message in the popular circle is the same. With the negotiation with Vox closed to the bone, after that “surprising change in record by Ortega Smith”, and the door of the armored leftist groups, they assume that there will be no new budgets until after the May elections. The repetition of that strange anomaly of the Mixed Group, a year ago now, seems impossible. Those votes for Jose Manuel Calvo, Luis Cueto Y Martha Higuerasnow independent, stirred up Ortega Smith.

The fact is that yesterday morning, despite everything, Martínez-Almeida appeared together with the deputy mayor, Begona Villacisthe spokeswoman, Immaculate Sanzand the Delegate of the Treasury Area, Grace Hidalgo, to present the project of budgets and fiscal ordinances of 2023. “It has been a very quick agreement, with a very ambitious social part”, recognized Villacís outside the microphones, who continues to sell the utopian idea of ​​speaking with each councilor to get them ahead . Most likely (except for an unexpected electoral turnaround) is that they are the last accounts that bear the Ciudadanos seal.

Family Card Increase

And what are the main lines of that project of budgets and fiscal ordinances that are still pending approval?

The main one, with which they raised their chests yesterday, is that tax cut of 121 million, for a hypothetical (and unlikely) total saving of 730 in the four years of the legislature. 10 fees are abolished (some as exotic as the one for the supply of single copies of the Official City Council Gazette prior to 1998) that hardly directly affect the citizen’s pocket, and several public prices (for example, acts in the Casa de Vacas), although the most striking measure would come from the IBI. This would drop to 0.4%, the minimum allowed by law, which only has Santander between the big cities. There are 2.2 million receipts in Madrid, and around 1.5 million properties of 100,000 euros or less.

The 7% increase in social spending also stands out, for a total of 1,130 million euros (76 more than in the previous ones). That is to say, the fifth part of the 5,703 of the global accounts. And in this social commitment, the raising of the threshold of the perceivers of the Cards Families from 1,400 to 2,000 euros per month per capita. A resource for families in need, which avoids queues and grants credits to make purchases.

It would raise the budget in the districts, except in San Blas-Canillejas and Chamartín. It would be that of Latina (73.59 million), Puente de Vallecas (73.42), Villaverde (56.38) and Ciudad Lineal (47.19) which would receive a higher investment.

BiciMAD expansion

The accounts include the 45 million from the expansion to the 21 districts of BiciMAD, which this Friday, at the very first hour, will have received the last boost, after the eventful parenthesis of the plenary session on Tuesday.

Of those more than 5,000 million, 207 would come from European funds and 469 would go to the return of capital gains tax (329 in returns and 140 in annual settlements). The salaries of the mayor, the deputy mayor and the councilors would be frozen for the third consecutive year and 81 million would go to a 1.5% rise for the rest of the municipal employees.

Some works appear (on the Paseo de Santa María de la Cabeza or the second phase of the work on the Avenida de la Ilustracion, for example) and a debt of 1,903 million that would not increase. There is a 10-page dossier detailing plans that have no future. “They leave the people of Madrid abandoned,” they said yesterday from the PSOE. With Vox’s crooked gesture, neither the PP nor Ciudadanos have anyone to hold on to. The extension seems inevitable.

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