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The international airport of Palenquelocated in the south of MexicoIt was the last place they stepped on Rainer Schaller and his family before his plane took off on a fatal flight. the billionaire Germanowner of the mcfit gyms Y partner of Sergio Ramos, was there with his girlfriend and its two children in order to embark on a stimulating family vacation. In them, one of the stops was going to be Costa Ricabut the aircraft never reached the country, but crashed into the sea, just 28 kilometers of your destiny. The vacations and the life of the tycoon and his family, presumably, were cut short.

The events occurred a week ago. it was the past Friday at night-time Costa Rican– when the vehicle disappeared from the radar. “The airplane was going to land at 18:58but we lost it when it was 2,000 feet high”, he explained on television Fernando Naranjo, director of the country’s civil aviation authority. With him, he also lost track of Rainer Schallerof 53 years; his girlfriend, Christiane Schikorskiof 44; and his sons Aaron Schallerof 5Y Finja Schikorskyof 6. Also the pilot Marcus Kureckof 40 years and Swiss origin and a sixth person of German origin not yet identified.

The next day, Saturday, the bodies of a man and a boy near the point of the sea Caribbean where the plane allegedly crashed, which are still in the identification phase. They have also recovered fuselage pieces of the aircraft, remains of Baggage and others debris near the area. Even The causes of the accident are not clearbecause the private plane did not have a flight recorder or a device to record communications due to its small size, but with each passing day, the hope of finding any of the passengers alive diminishes.

Pieces of luggage and the fuselage of the plane recovered by the Costa Rican authorities.

Ministry of Public Security of Costa Rica

What is clear is that misfortune has taken its toll on the partner of Sergio Ramos – owns the trademark luxury gyms JohnReed Fitnessopened this year by the footballer in Madrid–, since the tycoon just wanted a family vacation. Schaller he had left with his family 72 hours before. Specifically, she had flown on Tuesday October 18 since berlin towards The Angels (USA) to deal with some business before starting his Latin American adventure, as reported by the German tabloid bild.

Despite this, as the private plane of Schaller He was small – he’s a Piaggio 180 Avanti with 13 years old–, could not support a direct flight from the center of Europe to the west coast of USA. Therefore, both the gym tycoon and his family made a couple of stops along the way. One of them in Greenland and the other in Canada. Later and, happily, the pilot and the family arrived at The Angelswhere they remained until Thursday October 20. Schaller he had to deal with business issues before starting his vacation.

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USA-Mexico-Costa Rica

And it is that, apparently, the family was quite excited about their Latin American tour that would take them to Mexico, Costa Rica Y Chili. From north to south. From the mayan ruins and the caribbean coast until the snowy Andes and the far Fire land. Rainer Schallerin fact, had done something “exceptional”, according to what its workers have pointed out to German media: “It had taken five weeks off for the trip”.

A journey that began Thursday of last week, taking advantage of the fact that the little ones of the family, Aaron Schaller Y Finja Schikorsky, they are not very old yet and can be absent from school for several weeks without it having a negative impact. But neither were they going to be doing nothing. Rainer Schaller and his girlfriend wanted them to learn things in their various destinations, among which the Fire land, in the extreme south of Chile. There they wanted to seeking penguins“, according to bildsomething that would amaze the minors.

Soccer player Sergio Ramos and businessman Rainer Schaller at the presentation of their gym in Madrid.

Soccer player Sergio Ramos and businessman Rainer Schaller at the presentation of their gym in Madrid.

Europe Press

Therefore, after the last mission labor of the family Guy in USAIt was time for the holidays. After the important meeting of the tycoon, the pilot of Schaller took off the Thursday with the private plane to Palenquein the Mexican state Chiapas. There, a place recognized by UNESCO for being one of the archaeological zones most important of the old mayan empire, Schaller Y family They stayed a little less than 24 hours. The FridayIn the middle of the afternoon, they would fly again. Your destiny: Puerto Limon (Costa Rica), after flying over Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

There, in the country of the Ticos, Rainer Schaller and his family would rest a few days in the bungalows of the hotel complex Congo Bongolocated in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle, an hour and a half from the airport of Puerto Limon. Schalleralong with his family, hoped to enjoy the fauna and flora of the tropical forest in this enclave before continuing his journey to the Fire land.

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the fatal accident

But the German family never got to Costa Rica. A 28 kilometers landing at the airport Puerto Limon, the plane disappeared from the radar. That same aircraft 72 hours before had left since berlin transporting Rainer Schaller, his family, the pilot and an as yet unknown sixth person. As EL ESPAÑOL already told, only two bodies have been found, of a child and an adult, which could correspond to these people.

The 'bungalows' of the Congo Bongo hotel complex, where Rainer Schaller and his family were to stay.

The ‘bungalows’ of the Congo Bongo hotel complex, where Rainer Schaller and his family were to stay.

Congo Bongo

The authorities of Costa RicaIn fact, this very week they have expanded the search device and, in collaboration with their neighboring country, Panamahave continued to track the caribbean waters that bathe both countries. The operation, with at least 60 active emergency serviceswill continue as long as necessary, the German newspaper has reported Die Welt. But the days go by. Without any new. Neither good nor bad.

the world of fitnesstherefore he is dismayed. Holding my breath to see what has happened to Rainer Schaller (1969), one of the people who has made greatest fortune thanks to the gyms. And it is that the tycoon is the founder and director of the GSR groupwhich owns, among others, the empire of fitness McFit.

McFit’s history

The success story of Rainer SchallerIn fact, it started in the 1950s. 90when he installed a gym in the his parents’ attic. His teammates could train here for 15 frames of the time – some 8 euros–.

And in 1997 managed to raise enough money to buy an old furniture salon in the city of Würzburg and turn it into a gym. Thus was born the first McFit of history Its strategy from the beginning was to look for a very competitive price to attract more public, a philosophy that survives today and that many other brands have followed.

Currently, the GSR Group –initials of Rainer Schaller Group– is an international empire. has more than 1,000 gyms in 48 countries Y 6.4 million customerswhich makes it number one in the world in the field of fitness.

Sergio Ramos, training in the boxing area of ​​the JohnReed Fitness gym in Madrid.

Sergio Ramos, training in the boxing area of ​​the JohnReed Fitness gym in Madrid.

Joseph Verdugo

has more than 21 brandsincluded McFit250 studies throughout Europe High5 Gym and fashion brand Marcell von Berlin and the modeling agency McFit Models. In 2020, Schaller took over the legendary Gold’s Gym more than 3 million members Y 600 studies around the world.

It also owns the brand John Reed Fitnessthe signature of luxury gyms with which the footballer Sergio Ramos opened a center in Madrid earlier this year and that this newspaper visited with the player from paris st germain.

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