Garbage collection is a problem in congested cities. From Finland comes a solution that seems quite feasible.

MetroTaifun is a system of automated garbage collection created by the company MariMatic. promise collect garbage from houses without us having to touch anything, no odors Y no garbage trucks that congest traffic.

Although in some Spanish towns there are already underground waste collection systems and recyclingis still science fiction in the big cities.

A problem that is aggravated in historic urban centers or towns with a lot of trafficwhere the garbage trucks cause jams and holdups.

The process itself is also unpleasant: in many cases you have to open the container by hand, and bad odors are unavoidable. Sometimes they fill up before the truck passes, and the garbage bags end up on the sidewalk.

Garbage collection of the future

MetroTaifun is the solution proposed by the Finnish company MariMatic. A automated garbage collection, clean and odourless.

As we can see in the opening video of the news, the trash bins They open automatically by approaching a button from the key ring. we can even do it from a mobile app. In this way we do not have to touch the container with our hands.

In addition, if we use the mobile the app registers statistics with the type of garbage we throw away depending on the type of container we open, frequency, etc. It does not seem very interesting data for users to collect, but it is appreciated.

Once the rubbish has been introduced, it falls into an underground tube that “absorbs” the rubbish pneumatically, sucking in the air inside. In this way it is transported by a underground tube for several kilometers, until the garbage collection plant.

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Each container has a different tube depending on whether it is organic, plastic, paper, etc. In this way the garbage falls directly into another hermetic container. When it is full, it is mounted on a truck to transport it to the recycling plant.

MetroTaifun looks like a system automated garbage collection that guarantees cleanliness, no odors, and above all, not too expensive to implement. In Finland they are already installing it in some places. When it is running it will mean the end of garbage trucks through the streets of the cities.


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