social networks in Peru exploded by the demand for an outrageous case. In mid-October, the name of Gabriella Seville was the number one trend Twitter. It was also the most searched story on Google and thousands of people mobilized —both in the streets and on their Facebook walls— To find it.

The situation, at least on paper, was tremendous.

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A 30-year-old woman named Gabriella Seville I was pregnant. She was alone, in her house, when she entered labors to receive her baby, Martina. He asked for a app taxi to get to the hospital, but never arrived: she had been kidnapped. Mo-cos.

As the days have passed, this horror story that shook Peru has been unraveling for become an even stranger case. While vigils were held, the family was investigated or the couple was questioned; ended up discovering something very rare. It turns out that Gabriela Sevilla was never pregnant, there was no baby Martina and there is no real evidence of the kidnapping either.

Wait… what? Yes, here we tell you a little more about this case.

The pregnant woman who disappeared in Peru?

The mobilization in social networks to find Gabriella Seville it got tremendous. A journalist Juliana Oxenford’s message alerted thousands of people and quickly the name of the 30-year-old woman —as well as the keywords of the “missing pregnant woman” case— they became the most searched on Google in Peru.


According to the first reports, the thing was a terrible story.

The mother of Gabriella Seville She was the first to report to the media and talk to the police. The version is that Gabriella Seville he left his house at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 19.

She said that she felt her water break, she was alone in her house and decided to order a taxi to get to the hospital. She never came. “He told me to pick up the suitcase. She is my first granddaughter, the only one”denounced the lady before the microphones of Peru. He asked them to find Gabrielato your baby Martina and accused that had been kidnapped.

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He said that his daughter had sent him one last photo of the taxi driver who had allegedly kidnapped her.

Then began a long search for the whereabouts of Gabriella Seville Which ended in a super weird way.

At 04:55 a.m. on Friday, October 21 —a day and a half after his disappearance—the The Ministry of the Interior of Peru confirmed that Gabriela Sevilla appeared alive. She was hospitalized in Military hospital and his relatives commented that he was in a delicate state, under the influence of drugs.

The most complicated part of the whole case? She showed up without her baby.

The Migration Office of Peru launched a massive alert to warn that no baby would leave the country without their birth documentsconsidering the possibility that baby Martina was stolen. And then… the surprise.

With the medical report from the Military Hospital in hand, the Minister of the Interior of Peru gave a completely unexpected warning. “The lady has not been pregnant. The doctors have determined, so far, that there has been no pregnancy, ”she told the media.

Gabriella Seville was not pregnant, the Ministry of Women also confirmed, noting that they would cancel the search for the baby.

The case of Gabriela Sevilla has been advancing

In case of Gabriela Sevilla has been developing before the eyes of thousands of people in Peru.

Gossip shows took it as their news of days and social media dThey estimated the disappearances of women —which are a serious matter in Peru, since almost 8,000 have disappeared in the year and less than half appear, reports El País.

However, the situation was still very strange as it had been discovered that Gabriela’s pregnancy was false, the baby was also false and apparently was never kidnappedthe police discovered, upon learning that he was at his godmother’s house at the time of his disappearance.

Gabriela’s husband -originally one of the suspects- confirmed to Infobae that they had had a fight days before. Ramiro said that he did the math and his wife was 9 months and 3 weeks pregnantwhich raised many questions.

So far, the case is still being investigated in Peru.

Gabriela assured in some media outlets that they have not done enough tests on her, the evening gossip shows tell of the false relationship with her supposed doctors and the police ask her to appear to testify.

A lawyer declared in the Peruvian media that the case of Gabriella Seville It was not a lie, nor a deception, but an opportunity to understand more about mental health and how we can support the victims. “He didn’t lie. It is a psychiatric disorder. It is very sad and deserves all our empathy. Unfortunately it is a very rare and little known condition in Peru. The patient feels and has all the symptoms of a pregnancy. But she isn’t.”said.

*With information from Infobae, El Comercio and El País

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