After four episodes of “Forsthaus Rampensau” you can say you want to know how it ends. This time there were so many tears that one had to fear that the inhabitants of the Alps would be swept away to Wonderland like Alice.

It was particularly emotional when the decision was made as to which couple would have to leave the forester’s lodge next. Bambi and Senad as well as Marie and Mano were at the tipping point. Both teams had to roll the dice for their alpine life, so to speak. In the “Out-In” game called “Main thing six”, each team had ten dice and whoever rolled all ten dice first had won and was allowed to stay in the forest house.Tear dramaAs Bambi and Senad had luck on their side and the fitness influencers threw Marie and Mano out, a real tearful drama took place, with hardly a dry eye. Mano cried, Rebecca even more and Lev’s tears ran down too. But all for different reasons. Mano because he was struggling to keep his composure about the situation. He explained: “I’m so glad we did it, that we were here. If we hadn’t done that in the first place, we wouldn’t have met really cool people.” With a snotty red nose, he sniffled that he had learned in the hut “that you give everyone the chance to show themselves”. No one should be written off, because otherwise one nips “really beautiful things in the bud”. Rebecca cried really bitterly and could hardly be calmed because she lost her “best buddies” in the house through the fault of her gspusis Lev. Lev, who was actually “innocent” that Luis had bet on the two jocks when voting for expulsion, cried because of Rebecca. The new “boys” After Marie and her Mano moved out, there were no more beds. No, but a supply of “Cute Boys”. Guido, known from “Guido sucht das Glück” moved in together with “Mein potschates Leben” star Emre.Kerstin pregnant? At the end of the episode, it brought tears to Senad’s eyes again, when he announced that he and his Bambi were voting out Kerstin and Scott. He justified this by saying that he believed Kerstin was pregnant. Health comes first. The “teenagers become mothers” protagonist had previously complained of severe abdominal cramps and swore that it couldn’t be the rule. But Adriana and Philip are sawn. This time it was Adriana’s turn to cry. “Just because you’re not sitting there drinking doesn’t mean you’re not part of the group,” she sobbed, swaying between shock and anger…

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