the blue and white coach, Luis Miguel Ramisappeared at a press conference prior to tonight’s clash against Saragossa to review the hottest topics of today’s representative. The man from Tarragona spoke of the good line that his team maintains at the Heliodoro where he remains undefeated.

“Last year we had continuity, but with moments of discontinuity. We added outside and in Heliodoro people left annoyed because we didn’t add as much. Maintaining this continuity at home that we have, we will be at the top. It’s about not having ups and downs, but we’re having them now. We have to correct it to add points. We are understanding better, or I express myself better to the players in home games than in away games. We have done good parts outside, but it is not enough. In the Heliodoro the line is quite good and we are recognizable. We’re not far from scoring away from home, with everything bad in the first half in Leganés, we were about to draw”.

The CD Tenerife coach assessed tonight’s rival at the Stadium, an irregular Zaragoza that hasn’t finished starting. “He always competes very well and is close to winning. On occasion they have deserved it, they are a team with a lot of activity, intensity and continuity in their efforts. It has very good technical players, it is one of the teams in this category that has players to gradually position themselves where I think they deserve. We are neither above nor below in capacity on them. It will once again be an even match and we will have to take it to where we want it to be, that is what all the coaches want”.

Ramis was questioned about the load of matches in the month of November where he will play six matches between the League and the Cup.

“We want to see teams in the rear view mirror and follow the line to get where we want to be. But those above are the same because there will surely be moments of ups and downs for everyone. Some teams react quickly and others have a harder time. We want to climb positions little by little because we are short of points. Having a good month we will position ourselves where we want, but the following month we will have to do the same. This is about not falling, high demands, closing a game and opening another quickly. Adding makes you see everything clearer and brings you closer to where you want to be, that’s the mentality you have to have every week”.


Samuel Shashoua

“I didn’t have time to go to the airport (laughs). He’s already come and I’ve been in the locker room this morning with him. I have seen relief and joy on his face to be back and see him close. It goes according to the deadlines, according to the plan. He is closer to entering team dynamics and I have another resource. He has already touched the ball in the United States, he will soon be here on the field playing the ball, but progressively. He’s not going to get into team dynamics anymore.”

Elady Zorrilla

“It’s okay. The discomfort has disappeared and it has been confirmed that there is no injury after overloading the soleus. She will be with us shortly. Probably next week because tomorrow I see it complicated. But she will travel for both games next week. He is a very ‘forward’ boy. He is a powerful player, he will never go down, they have a high-level warrior mentality. He wants to go forward, without taking steps back. I’m not worried, he really wants to contribute to the team and tells him convinced; that’s what matters to me. He is going to help the team. At his best level, he is one of the best in his position in the entire category. He is an emotionally strong boy.”

Juan Carlos Cordero

“I haven’t even thought about it because he’s not going to leave. The president has said it and I know what I am talking about with Juan Carlos. I know his approach but I will not reveal it. I continue to work with him as from the first day. We talk every day in person or by phone, about how the team is doing, what we need, we value performance… I don’t see him as clueless, I’m convinced that his thinking and mine is to try to make this club better and better and continue exciting the fans and every time we are more. That they accept us with our mistakes and successes. Our mentality is in the best for the club more than in personal interests. Neither he nor I will make any maneuver against the club or that could harm it”.

Juan Carlos Carcedo (Coach of Zaragoza): “I’m very strong”

The coach of Real Zaragoza, Juan Carlos Carcedo, offered the preliminary conference before heading to Tenerife where he plays tonight. “We are in great spirits, with great desire. We have talked this week about the things that need to be corrected and we know that we have to push in Tenerife and not miss out on opportunities. These 3 points are very important”, affirmed the La Rioja coach.

Tenerife is the first game of three in just seven calendar days, as there is another weekday to follow. The Logroño coach valued this circumstance. “The first game is the most important. The rest, we’ll see how people are to study possible changes. We’re going to always try to bring out the best team, the best eleven possible”.

Carcedo, whose position hangs in the balance due to the poor results, assured that he felt strong and encouraged to push Zaragoza forward. “I am very strong and very excited, the same with which we had started. We see the players work and it gives us strength”.

Source: Diariodeavisos

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