A tenant terrorizes her neighbors in Vienna almost every day. The tenants feel abandoned by the owner and the police, who know about the problems but do nothing.

For about ten years, Ms. S. (name changed) has been terrifying the tenants at Elterleinplatz in the Hernals district: she hits windows and walls with an iron bar, pours oil over doors, screams through the stairwell at night and threatens to do so almost every day Kill. “We feel extremely uncomfortable. As soon as you leave the apartment, the next harassment starts,” reports tenant Anja P. (name changed). In March, Anja and her boyfriend moved into the “horror house”. Only when they moved in did the neighbors warn them of the impending horror. Since then, Ms. S. has been terrorizing Anja and her boyfriend almost every day – nothing has been done about this to date: “Since I’ve been living here, the police have been here about eight times, but nothing has changed. The landlord doesn’t want to hear any more about it and only advises that we should ignore them. “Desperate tenants are left in the lurchThere is no trace of understanding for the suffering tenants. Compared to the “Krone” the property management expressed dismissively that both the owner and the property management were not aware of the complaints: “Mrs. S. sometimes behaves, but what should you do? She pays rent,” the landlord said. According to Irina Steiner, press spokeswoman for the LPD Vienna, the problems are well known, and the police cannot do much: “We can only intervene if there is a risk to others or ourselves. The property management would have to take care of it.” A fresh start is necessary. So fear continues to reign at Elterleinplatz. Ms. P. is at the end of her tether, now only the excerpt helps: “No one is interested in us, so we will have to move, even if money is tight. It just can’t go on like this.” How things will continue at Elterleinplatz in the future remains unclear.

Source: krone

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