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27 Oct 2022 3:02 pm

CIA director William Burns paid a surprise and unannounced visit to Kyiv. According to anonymous sources, he met with the Ukrainian president and government officials and promised further war support from the US intelligence services.

On October 26, the US broadcaster reported CNN, the head of the US CIA, William Burns, secretly visited Ukraine earlier this month. Noisy CNN said an anonymous US official:

“During his visit, he reiterated US commitments to support Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression, including continued sharing of intelligence.”

Noisy CNN Meetings with Vladimir Zelensky and senior Ukrainian officials were on the agenda. Further details about the CIA chief’s visit to Kyiv are not known. “The sources declined to give further details about the trip,” it said.

Burns last visited Ukraine earlier this year, ahead of Moscow’s special military operation in the country. Mark Warner, a Virginia senator and chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said US intelligence cooperation with Kyiv has given Ukraine “major strides” on the battlefield. He added that both US and British intelligence officials are “working together with Ukraine” and praised the “strength of our joint military intelligence services”.

Burns, who has headed the CIA since 2021, was once the US ambassador to Moscow and is considered a Russia expert and Putin connoisseur in the United States. In an interview with the broadcaster CBS on October 3, he opined that the Russian leader “can be quite dangerous and reckless when he feels cornered.” As for the war in Ukraine, Putin “remains stubbornly convinced of his own judgment,” Burns said.

The current CIA chief is considered one of the masterminds of the Ukraine crisis. The newspaper Jerusalem Post wrote for example on October 21:

“As CIA chief, Burns persuaded Biden to release an unprecedented amount of intelligence to help Ukraine and embarrass and discourage Russia from invading and later continuing the fight. In mid-September, he conducted a half Victory dance and declared Putin’s invasion a ‘failure’.”

Now the situation appears to be less hopeful than it was in September. As CNN also stressed that Burn’s trip came at a time when “the United States is increasingly concerned” that Russia might resort to nuclear weapons. The news agency noted:

“Burns and other US officials have publicly stated that they see no evidence Moscow is actively preparing such a move, but officials familiar with the intelligence warn that the risk may be as high as it has been since the Russian invasion not in February.”

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Source: RT

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