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The writer publishes ‘No one is going to laugh’, a challenging essay on the sentence against Anonymous Garcia, convicted for the publication of a website that offered false walks through the scenes of the rape of ‘La Manada’ in San Fermn in 2016

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Juan Soto Ivars is a Murcian of dynamite, born in guilas in 1985 and made with his own mold. He entered journalism full of fussy nuances and after occupying the pole of generational ballplayer it has softened decibels in the writing in favor of a depth with a flash of battles enjoyed and others lost.

He has just published an essay artifact on the path of his eagerness to settle in the burning bush of some debates that hate correctness and its porcelain. The book: Nobody is going to laugh. The incredible story of a trial of irony. Soto Ivars headlines with wicked subtlety. The title comes from a story by Milan Kundera that gives body to the chapters of this work. Posted by Debate. And the purpose is to explain why, for Juan Soto Ivars, the sentence that sentenced the expedition leader of the collective Homo Velaminecalled Anonymous Garcia. prison sentence which is being appealed to the Constitutional Court.

Anonymous Garca is the ideologue and promoter of a website that offered false ‘tours’ through the places visited by the five members of The pack on July 7, 2016 in Pamplona until completing his crime in the rape of an 18-year-old woman inside a portal. Anonymous Garcia founded the group years ago Homo Velamine and the ultrarationalist current. For Soto Ivars, Anonymous Garcia is another victim. But in this case of her own lag. “And of the excesses of zeal of Justice”.

“You know?” the author bursts out. “The collective is quite left-wing and feminist. I have known them since 2013 and I had already noticed some of their actions, such as when They unfurled a gigantic Spanish flag from a scaffolding on the Gran Vía as the 8M demonstration passed by.. Or when they launched an application to buy votes from abstentionists in an election. I also knew about the fanzine they published, Homo Velamine… They dedicated themselves to doing these things and they were very entertaining… Until they released the website with the La Manada tour…”.

Ah they provoked something visceral. The defense attorney for the victim of the five of The pack, Teresa Hermida, denounced the website and its creator. The Supreme Court sentenced him to prison. Annimo Garca worked at Greenpeace and was fired. Some of the group also distanced themselves from this action. “And there began his ramp to hell. The moment they sat him on the bench he was drawn as a monster.”

For the book to be something more, Soto Ivars invited Anonymous García to his mother-in-law’s apartment in Roses. For five summer days they discussed the case. And that’s where it came from Nobody is going to laugh.

– Have you also spoken with the victim’s lawyer or with the victim?

– He didn’t want to. I have had vetoed access to the victim and to the defense.

– What was Annimo García looking for by launching a website announcing a false tour of the sites of The pack in Pamplona?

Open a debate on media pornography in cases like these. I wanted to make a caricature of a certain journalism. But for that debate to take place, there would have to be people with the courage to hold different opinions on the same issue. The drawback is that when the case of The pack the indignation is general and very few have the courage to oppose the general trend and offer other points of view. It happens to me in some articles, that I cut myself.

– But what opposition to what general current can there be in the case of this violation?

– To get started, many TV shows did crude journalism with this drama. Time and time again they amortized the scenarios of that night of San Fermín with images of the places, with interactive maps. And in between they did commercial breaks for shopping malls or cars. They also permanently took out the faces of the five condemned…

– What is the problem that the lawyer of the victim of The pack Report the protagonist of the book if you consider that his action is a mishap for your client?

– Lawyers are like that. She does her job very well. She manages to have an artistic action, that of Anonymous García, condemned by article 173.1. That is, for the article that applies in cases of torture. You have to be a very good lawyer or a very bad judge. The jurists who know the sentence are scandalized. The indictment is a fucking lie, it says that this website is made to humiliate all women. It’s nonsense.

– But doing that had risks…

– The media circus that was generated around the case of The pack is what drew them to do this action. When they publish the web with the false proposal of the tour they do not expect the repercussion it reaches.

Ultra-rationalism jumped into the media the day Mariano Rajoy won the 2015 elections and during the celebrations in front of the Popular Party headquarters on Gnova Street (Madrid), Anonymous Garcia and his henchmen dressed up as hipster and they slipped among the supporters with posters of absurd slogan: “hipster with Rajoy” or launching slogans that were followed by some clueless. Slogans like: “Anus, anus, anus, all with MarianoThey entered timidly into the gossip of some insiders.

– But what is the purpose of this book?

– Realize that there is another way of seeing things. And that the action of Anonymous Garcia is well below the punishment imposed.

– And who is he going against?

– I’m not going against anything or anyone. I only expose a case. An excessive case… Before I had fun touching the balls, but I got tired of doing it because I understood that it fueled the same polarization that it criticized. And do you know when I found out?

– When.

– Leaving Twitter. Now a hired person runs my account. Since I got out I have more freedom to talk about certain things… For example, the one about no one is going to laugh. The book may seem good or bad to you, but it is the mirror of a human history.

– A I accuse?

– Rather a I explain. We must move from the culture of cancellation to the culture of appeal.

Juan Soto Ivars is not a Florentine writer. He goes body to body. He suspects that because of this book they can break him. “That you disagree is frowned upon. People prefer not to think because they think they have clear ideas, which reveals that they do not think. Doubt breeds a lot of violence. And self-defense is talking about the intentions behind the dissidence of doubting, of not accepting. A book like this, I’m afraid, will provoke virulent reactions.”

It has nothing to do with Arden networks. “Here’s another draw.” Tie for Anonymous Garca. “And also for the victim. The idea of ​​the tour it’s wrong from the moment that it hurts someone who doesn’t want to or who shouldn’t. Provocation is not always controllable. But the success of ultra-realistic actions comes from the reaction it provokes. In this case it was a penal reaction.Anonymous García is the victim of his act, perhaps reprehensible, but the exaggerated thing is the punishment“, says Soto Ivars. Wherever he goes, he leaves a bit of burned land. “The false tour of the steps of The pack it was started by the media… Anonymous Garcia’s case is very beautiful because of the moral ambiguity it harbors. And I am very interested in the moral dilemma. The moralizing no”.

– At the moment it is waiting for the Constitutional Court to rule.

– The Constitutional may mark a limit to the freedom of satire in Spain. That is very strong.


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