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Weird the Al Yankovic Story is one of the strangest comedies of 2022, but what makes it really peculiar and different from other comedies? biopics? Its director tells us!

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story follows the story of one of the most curious figures in all of Hollywood: Weird Al. A singer known for modify the lyrics of popular songs and parody them with the most bizarre ideas.

Tape “100% true and nothing exaggerated”as described by its director, is starring Daniel Radcliffe and is close to reaching The Roku Channel, a new and free space of streaming which made its debut in Mexican territory just a few weeks ago.

During his visit to Mexico, we were able to talk with Eric Apple, director of Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, who told us what it was like to make this film in just 18 days of filming and the curious direction he gave his actors to achieve the craziest versions of personalities like Madonna, Dr Demento, Pablo Escobar and of course Weird Al.

Between joke and joke, Weird Al looks out

In an interview for out of focusthe director commented that in reality, the idea of ​​doing Weird arose several years ago, when together with his group of friends they assembled a trailer parodying current biopicsand using the great icon of musical parody Al Yankovic.

The idea reached the musician, who beyond authorizing the use of his image, decided to become directly involved in the production of the feature film.

It was very rare. All this was a joke, until one day I called my mom and told her “You won’t believe who I’m going to eat with today”, said the director, who at that moment met with Weird Al to set his mission in motion: to give him the “Weird Al treatment” to an entire genre of cinema.

“This tape is like an Al song. Underneath you have all these things that are real, the music, it’s what the original authors wrote, that here is what the biopics have done. But when you listen to the lyrics, or in this case, the dialogue, you immediately realize there’s something strange going on.”

Eric Appel, Out of Focus

For its part, the film begins in the purest style of films like Rocketman, Bohemian Rhapsody, Elvis, among many others; which despite being focused on different personalities, “constantly tend to fall into the same formula”, thus Appel mentions it.

“You realize that they all share something: they are misunderstood, but they are talented. Then they get to fame and realize it’s not what they wanted, and there’s this whole booze and drug montage, and finally their redemption on stage.” He stated, commenting that rather than point out the flaws in such tapes, Weird’s intention is “become a kind of Scary Movie parody for the genre.”

A psychedelic 18-day trip

One of the strangest things about Weird is that it not only manages to parody all those movies, but also shines by its own comedy and the fast pace in which every situation begins to escalate, leading to the filming will take place in just 18 days.

“That made each day different” Appel recounted “The concert of Like a Surgeon was filmed in one day, the next we filmed the award ceremony, the next the big pool party in the style of boogie nights”.

Appel explained that he tried to keep the filming order as chronological as possible, giving Daniel the opportunity to “to be able to start with a normal version of Al, even if it was for 10 minutes.”

Well, in fact, from one moment to another the tape turns into a crazy storywhich converts to Daniel Radcliffe in a hitman, singer, sex symbol already the version of madonna of Evan Rachel Wood in a ambitious wannabe drug lord.

We told Evan that she was going to play Madonna and she was very excited about the idea.. I told her “She has to be like a James Bond villain. This version has as a subtext that she always thinks about sex and evil and power”.

Eric Appel, Out of Focus

As to RadcliffeAppel assured that the actor committed to the character since his first talk with him, because as soon as he was offered the role, took accordion lessons to prepare.

“Radcliffe is amazing. There could be something really crazy going on behind him and it didn’t break character. There is a scene that is not necessarily emotional, but to which Daniel put all the emotion. Weird Al and I would watch him cry on the monitor and say “I can’t believe we’re doing this, we’re ridiculous”.

Eric Apple

Based on a 100% true story, not invented at all

They are the seriousness and the work of its actors which, despite being a comedy, they manage to convince to more than one viewer of that what is happening is true, or some version of it. However, Eric Appel believes that less than 3% of the film really happened.

“The songs are real, and they came out as we saw them in the movie.” He assured. However, he comments that there are moments that did happen, but that they decided to climb to the maximum power.

“Dr. Demento did discover Al, the guys in Al’s gang exist. And I know that Al recorded a parody of Madonna’s Like a Virgin because he heard that the singer wanted him to do it. So we took bits of truth and turned them into some very wacky fiction.”

Eric Apple

Likewise, as Al himself narrates during the film, the rest of the events will have to be investigated by the audienceWell, as strange as it may seem, some other scene was inspired by very real events.

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story premieres on November 4 exclusively on The Roku Channel.

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