Searchita Roa lives in La Boca. He answers the doorman but it takes time to open, he is getting ready. He wears heels, even early in the morning. Friendly and warm, she offers her guests something to drink and eat and makes them feel at home. He lives in a building three blocks from the Boca Juniors soccer field, the heart of his neighborhood thirty blocks from the headquarters of Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo where, without a doubt, a good part of theirs is located.

Her heart also brought her to Argentina when her son, Jose Liborio Pobletedecided to come alone to Buenos Aires from Santiago de Chile to carry out a treatment in Lower Belgrano Rehabilitation Institute. At the age of sixteen, José had suffered a train accident that severed both his legs, leaving him in a wheelchair. “Mom, if Che could live with asthma all his life, why can’t I live without both legs?” responded to Buscarita’s fears that he would come alone to an unknown country and city.

José’s relationship with politics began in his childhood. “The guy had a terrible lucidity, he was very committed. I was never a politician because I know nothing about politics. But my son was a politician since he was born because he was five years old and he recited poems that had to do with it, ”Recalls Buscarita. He also tells that since he was a boy, José would steal his sugar, yerba mate, and coffee and take it to the villages to later share some mates with the people he helped. “Mom, she told me, we have something, there are people who have nothing” quotes, again, the mother to her son.

Once in Argentina, José founded in 1971 the Peronist Crippled Frontan organization that came to summon more than 200 political militants during the seventies. He met his wife Gertrude Maria Hlaczik at the Rehabilitation Institute located in the neighborhood of Belgrano. On November 28, 1978, a group of men wearing police uniforms from the province of Buenos Aires kidnapped Gertrudis and her baby from her home in the town of Guernica. Claudia Victoria Poblete. José disappeared that same day.

Buscarita had moved to Buenos Aires to be close to her son. She says that the first thing she did when she saw José’s house destroyed and with no one inside was go to a church to talk to the priest and ask for help, but she was not the only one, there were three other people who had gone through the same thing.

in the mouth of the wolf

“I visited all the police stations that I could have known. Of course, everyone was telling me that I didn’t know anything,” she recalls. At that time he was working two blocks from Plaza de Mayo, in the Ministry of Planning. “I was in the lion’s den, on the ninth floor of that building were all the soldiers involved in the process. I entered, I did everything I had to do and I went to look for my son. Until I got to Plaza de Mayo and I met the mothers who invited me to the laps” she explains.

for Search the search was tireless and desperatein hospitals, police stations and courts. Desperation led her to Campo de Mayo. “They had told me that in Campo de Mayo they had taken people, but that I couldn’t go because it was something military and they weren’t going to let me pass. I went the same way and I spoke with a young soldier at the door and he told me that I couldn’t go through. Nevertheless, when there was a change of guard I got in and ran inside” counts with teary eyes. “Not a soul could be seen, only the shots of military practices could be heard. I wanted to go there but I didn’t get there, it was huge” she explains.

As she left, the guard saw her and asked her what she was doing there. She replied that he was looking for his missing son and he thought he could find him there. “Ma’am, please go away and don’t come to this place again. I should arrest her right now and if they see me talking to you, they kill me”, the guard told him.


Buscarita’s face changes when she starts talking about her granddaughter, Claudia Poblete Hlaczik, found in December 1999 at the age of twenty-one. “The judge (Gabriel) Cavallo tells me: Do you want to meet your granddaughter? She is here.” Then he saw her. “Hello Claudia, I am your grandmother on your father’s side” were the first words he said to his granddaughter. Buscarita gave her granddaughter a box with photos in which she appeared as a little girl. Claudia had always had doubts about her identity due to the advanced age of her appropriators: a repressor from the 601 battalion named Ceferino Landa, and his wife, Mercedes Beatriz Moreira. Seeing the photos, Buscarita says, Claudia had no doubt that it was her.

The approach with her granddaughter was a long process and respect for her granddaughter’s times. Buscarita’s son, Fernando, played an important role in the rapprochement with Claudia. “Her uncle went to look for her at the exit of the university to be able to talk, without answers, until one day, she beat him out of exhaustion,” says Buscarita.

In the second meeting with her granddaughter, Buscarita gave her more photos and a poem that her parents always recited. The relationship progressed little by little until Claudia’s uncle asked her if there was something that she had always wanted and had not had. She never lacked for anything material, but there was one thing she had always wanted: a dog. And that had. “My son told him: We are going to leave him at my mother’s house, who has a big house, but you are going to have to take care of him because she works all day,” says Buscarita. That way, Their relationship grew stronger little by little.

The day their appropriator was prosecuted, Buscarita’s granddaughter had to give testimony. She introduced herself as Claudia Poblete Hlaczik. “That said it all”Grandma says. Currently, Claudia works at Abuelas in search of the grandchildren that remain to be found.

Grandmother’s Legacy

Find it account that grandmothers go less and less to the associationshe is the youngest at 85 years old, and that work and his legacy is being passed on to his grandchildren to sign on with the search. We represent the love we have for our grandchildrenthat we look for them because we love them and that we don’t care that they are not our grandchildren. When we find a grandson, he is the grandson of all.

This Tuesday, the Chilean Embassy commemorated the only Chilean Grandmother and Mother of Plaza de Mayo and the meeting with Claudia. The honoree arrived hand in hand with her granddaughter, her nine-year-old great-grandson and hers, her friend and fighting partner, Estela de Carlotto. At the embassy, ​​she was received by the Chilean ambassador, Bárbara Figueroa, and the Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonia Urrejola. “I am a mother, a grandmother more than all those who have struggled looking for their children and grandchildren” she says humbly. However, she acknowledges that that act serves to let the world know that there are still many grandchildren to be found and that the fight continues. “This shows that we do not have to lower our arms, this shows that the struggles are long and intense but we have to move on”, he adds.

Once her speech is over, Buscarita throws a kiss and a complicit look at her partner Estela, who also said a few words in honor of, according to her, her sister. “Despite having had a life of loss, Buscarita never thought of hate and revenge” says the president of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo. “We are already very old and it is difficult for us to walk. But we use the cane because we are never going to kneel. Never

Searchita Roa, Vice President of Grandmothers, mother and grandmother who desperately fought for her family to be returned. When they ask you to puts on the emblematic scarf for the photo, she goes to look for it in her purse, with which she always goes out, for forty-four years.

Report: Sophia Troiano

Source: Pagina12

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