The Federal prosecutor of Tucumán Antonio Gustavo Gómez, requested that the Federal judge of Catamarca, Miguel Ángel Contreras, be removed from the investigation which has as defendants Edgar Bachiani and his associates, who are investigated by financial intermediation without authorization, money laundering, fraud and illicit association.

In addition to pouring Criticism about how the investigations were carried out against the CEO of Adhemar Capital -a company that had branches in La Rioja, Tucumán and Córdoba-, Gómez assured that a key deficiency of the investigation has to do with determining where the funds that were invested came from.since, due to the characteristics of these transactions, there would be strong indications to suspect that these funds were the proceeds of money laundering.

In this sense, Gómez considers that Contreras’ investigation is limited to glimpse the denounced operation as a simple unauthorized financial intermediation, but without resorting to the assembled corporate structure or the amount of money collected, since even the accused (Bacchiani and associates), in their preliminary statements, They spoke of higher figures to those that finally appear in the case, which makes it explicit that a large number of investors did not make the relevant complaints, despite being the loss of millionaire figures.

“The portfolio of ‘unbanked’ investors exceeds four times the number of ‘banked’ investors, who are around 1,500 and who the liabilities of the company would amount to US$50,000,000. It is striking -he highlights- that a small percentage of investors have turned up and required active participation in the investigation”, analyzes the ruling.

“Contreras resolved to prosecute a group of defendants, considering them alleged co-authors of the crime of unauthorized financial intermediation, while it considered that there is no merit to prosecute or to dismiss the rest of the accused. Finally, the jurisdiction partially declined, due to the matter regarding the crimes of fraud and illicit association, discounting the figure of money laundering”, also expresses the document of grievances issued yesterday by the Tucuman magistrate in his opinion on the conflict of the decline of jurisdiction of Contreras in the crimes of “fraud” and “illicit association”.

“Although the activity of buying and selling cryptocurrencies is not an illicit activity a priori, it is highly efficient to hide currency obtained from an illicit act. This anonymity guarantees a level of impunity that is almost infallible., since it is very difficult to access the encrypted information of the purchase and sale operations of the parties that are registered in the “blockchain” stored in “nodes” (digital sites that protect compartmentalized information). The accused carried out a series of acts, with the appearance of legality, to make money and thus be able to transform those assets into cryptocurrencies in order to ensure the impunity that this online investment system provides.

It is important to remember that in recent months, Edgar Adhemar Bacchiani was accused of the crimes of financial intermediation without authorization, money laundering, fraud and illicit association, after hundreds of people will give you money in pesos and dollars so that it “miraculously” multiplies them; what he promised to do by investing in cryptocurrencies.

The social commotion that was generatedsince many of these people invested their life savings, or sold their belongings in order to achieve profits, what the “Trader god” assured, would be at extremely high rates; caused countless protestswhich to this day take place in the streets of Catamarca through marches, caravans and pickets.

Bacchianiafter being arrested, assured that if they released him or granted him house arrest, would meet the paymentsbut frustrated investors They are still waiting for their money.

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