During the Game Awards of 2017, gamers around the world learned great news, the coming of a third episode of Bayonetta. The lovely and seductive witch of theUmbra will make its big comeback (on October 28, 2023 to be precise) on the console of nintendo, the Switch. While waiting for this beauty to deign to show off on our shelves, we were able to play this new production for several hours. in order to give you a first opinion. What makes the hairs rise? The answer is yes.

Electric and crazy, this third opus makes us vibrate.

The Japanese studio PlatinumGames always manages to sell us dreams. From the first minutes, no talk, no length, fans are immersed in a purely enjoyable universe where the brain finds it difficult to follow so much the action is linked. Explosion, intense moments, emotion, the neurons are excited and the eyes have trouble taking off the screen. Once the attention is retained, the adventure can begin and we can breathe for a moment. We alternate between walks and fierce struggles. In addition, the grip is still as explosive. Thus, we can combine various keys to initiate light and heavy offensives, which become more and more powerful over the combos. To not change, dodging is paramount, at the right timing, to slow down time in order to knock down an enemy easily and quickly.

When gigantic and somewhat tough opponents appear, it is possible to summon demons, such as Gomorraha big demonic doggie, or even Madame Butterfly, a kind of sexy and colossal succubus. Something to take into account, we take control of his creatures for a few seconds, a gauge indicates their appearance time. Their movements are slow, but their assaults are devastating. They are handy for letting us breathe when a horde of opponents are hanging around, or when a boss is a little too dominant. the gameplay is pleasant, the transitions Bayonetta – demon are well thought out, impossible to get bored for once.

Bayonetta 3 37 13 07 2022We are also entitled to a few small phases of exploration in cloistered worlds, where we can recover objects, currency and bonuses, used to develop our character. We played it in mode Portable, and it must be said that small technical defects are present. As ? Of the’aliasing omnipresent (especially in the hair) or even popping in the decorations. The artistic direction is incredible and awe-inspiring. The worlds are varied and the charm operates. And in fashion TV ? It’s much finer, but we need to dig a little deeper to tell you about it; see you in a few days to read our final impressions.

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This Bayonetta 3 has it all. A lot of players were wondering if we were going to have a Bayonetta 2.5, it is not. The firm does not rest on its achievements and wants to push the license even further by offering more and more extreme action phases. For the moment, the story manages to keep us in suspense, and the odyssey is rather pleasant. In short, you will have understood, this electric and crazy side manages to charm us, this third opus makes us vibrate; for the moment.

You can pre-order Bayonetta 3 for €44.99 on Amazon.

Source: gamergen.com

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