Red, dry and irritated skin in a baby? See what you should have on hand to relieve these ailments faster, and your child had soft and healthy skin.

Baby’s skin is very delicate and therefore requires gentle care. If, in addition, you have an extremely sensitive toddler whose skin is prone to irritation or allergies, it is worth making a few changes to your daily routine. Fortunately, finding products that are sensitive to sensitive skin is not that difficult. Inspired by the new dermocosmetics from the La Roche-Posay brand, Cicaplast Baume B5 + lotion, which thanks to an innovative formula regenerates the skin after the first day of application, we decided to create a list of the most useful products for small sensitive people.

What is worth remembering?

Even the most beautiful-scented cosmetics for babies and children in tempting, colorful packaging can contain irritating ingredients. Children’s skin will be best served with products free from potential allergens, such as artificial dyes or fragrances that may cause dryness and redness of the skin, as well as rashes. The products should support the natural protective barrier of the skin, i.e. take care of its microbiome (microorganisms that live in our skin). If you don’t know what exactly should be in your child’s daily care, check out our five must-haves.

1. A mild soap for cleansing the skin

If your baby’s skin is dry and irritated, be sure to pay attention to the product you use every day when bathing. Some cosmetics, even those intended for children, contain substances that can cause dryness and redness of the skin. Reach for a mild cleansing gel, cream or oil that will support the natural protective barrier of the skin and will not irritate it. Look for ingredients such as niacinamide or Shea butter that stabilize the balance of the microbiome and soothe the skin.

2. Multifunctional balm that regenerates irritations

Irritated skin needs relief. However, not all creams and lotions are good for the care of extremely dry and sensitive baby skin. The new Cicaplast Baume B5 + by La Roche-Posay is a strongly regenerating and soothing lotion. Its improved formula has been enriched with patented ingredients such as: Tribiomai.e. a unique prebiotic complex and Aqua Posae Filiformisthat support the balance of the skin microbiome. There is also in the warehouse soothing Panthenolregenerating Madecazoside (Asian pennywort extract), nutritional Shea butteras well as antibacterial ingredients such as zinc and manganese. Massage it into the baby’s skin every day after bathing or during the day – it will bring her immediate relief, soothe irritations, as well as nourish, moisturize and protect.

Cicaplast Baume B5 + also soothes irritations around diaper rash, which are the most difficult to deal with. It can be used from 3 months of age.

3. Gentle washing gel for children

Incompletely dissolved particles of washing powder, too strong a smell or ingredients irritating the skin and respiratory system can make your baby’s skin itchy, red, dry or develop a rash. It is worth changing the powder to a gel that dissolves more easily even at low temperatures. However, for sensitive children, do not use the first detergent of choice. Bet on a proven, hypoallergenic brand, also verify the smell and color of the product. Ideally, the gel should be odorless and colorless. You do not need to use any liquid for rinsing, but if you are concerned that clothes will be too unpleasant to the touch without it, also choose a product adapted to children’s sensitive skin and perform an additional rinse to get rid of excess detergents from fabrics.

4. Wet wipes with a safe composition

Whether your baby is one month old or three years old, wet wipes are always a good idea to have on hand. They are useful not only when changing diapers at home and outside, but also in all more or less predictable situations – when your toddler gets his mouth or hands dirty, or you want to quickly wipe a dusty swing on the playground. If your baby has sensitive skin, make sure that the wipes have a composition that is friendly to the baby’s delicate skin. Biodegradable wipes, made of natural fibers and soaked in clean water, are best for sensitive people. Make sure that the composition of the wet wipes does not contain chlorine or artificial fragrances that can irritate and sensitize.

5. Thermal water

Thermal water (eg La Roche-Posay Eau Thermale) is perfect for immediate relief of red and irritated skin. You can use it even in babies, because it contains only safe ingredients, and thanks to the vacuum packaging, there is no chance for bacteria to grow inside. Sprinkle it on your baby’s skin when it’s red, itchy or in need of extra soothing and hydration during the day. It will also work in an emergency when you do not have wet wipes at hand. Sprinkle a tissue or paper with thermal water and wipe your toddler’s face, hands or bottom.

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