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Some of the passwords you’ve chosen for your accounts are likely to be some of the most hacked in the world.

When we sign up for applications or services on Internetit is always convenient to choose good passwords so that hackers cannot access our accounts, whether they are mail accounts such as gmail or social networks like Facebook.

But sadly, a large set of people choose passwords for mail email like Gmail or social networks like Facebook that are very easy to guess, because hackers know all the vulnerabilities that exist on the Internet.

And now the cybersecurity company Nordpass has revealed the 200 most common passwords both globally and by countryand the truth is that some are really amazing, basically because they are very easy to guess even without using a computer program.

And when we look at the most used passwords in our country we see some like 12345, 123456 Y 123456789passwords that can be guessed in less than a second by a hacker.

It is also surprising that among the most used passwords in our country there are references to soccer teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, or proper names such as Alejandro, Carlos, Daniel, Cristina and Andrea, among others.

The typical “I love you”, “Password” or even “Spain” also appear as the most used passwords.

That is why cybersecurity companies recommend that we choose passwords that have absolutely nothing to do with our lives, that have a minimum of eight characters, some uppercase, lowercase, and rare symbols.

List of the most used passwords in Spain

  1. 12345
  2. 123456
  3. 123456789
  4. 12345678
  5. 1234
  6. 111111
  7. 000000
  8. 1234567
  9. 1234567890
  10. Barcelona
  11. 666666
  12. Spain
  13. 123123
  14. QWERTY
  15. 654321
  16. Alexander
  17. password
  18. I love you
  19. Charles
  20. Daniel
  21. 222222
  22. cristina
  23. Andrea
  24. 555555
  25. real Madrid

Regarding the global list, it is very similar to that of Spain, obviously with some proper names in English, some English words or the typical “iloveyou”.

So we invite you to review all the passwords you currently have in your applications and services so that they are not one of the 200 most used in the world.


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