In an open letter, British musician and co-founder of the rock band Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, asked the Russian President whether he wanted the Russian special operation in Ukraine to end. Waters asked the politician to reassure the international community that the Kremlin has no plans to conquer all of Europe. The political activist published the letter on his Facebook page. It was further said:

“I know, I know, the US and NATO invade other sovereign countries without hesitation or for a few barrels of oil. But that doesn’t mean you should do the same.”

Waters also demanded a guarantee from the Russian head of state that “Russia has no further territorial interests than the security of the Russian-speaking population in Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk”. The musician emphasized the inadmissibility of nuclear strikes:

“Yeah, just blow each other up and the world. The problem is, I have children and grandchildren, as do most of my brothers and sisters around the world, and none of us would be happy about this failure.”

If there is a peace agreement with Ukraine, Russia should “promise not to invade anywhere else,” Waters said. The 79-year-old added that he would respect Vladimir Putin very much and see it as “an honorable step in the right direction towards a sustainable peace” if the Russian president replied to the letter.

Roger Waters’ appeal to Putin follows his earlier open letters to Ukrainian President Elena Zelenskaya’s wife, in which he called on the Ukrainian first lady to “demand the implementation of your husband’s campaign promises and to put an end to this deadly war.” This was a reference to Zelensky’s election promise to end “the civil war” in Donbass.

Zelenskaya responded to the musician on Twitter earlier this month, accusing Russia of “invading” Ukraine. She stressed that a cessation of fighting would mean the collapse of Ukraine. Ukraine’s First Lady urged Waters to direct his appeals for peace to the Russian president instead.

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Source: RT

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