Cyborg cockroaches, the creation that would change the rescue of buried after earthquakes

Japan.- Technological advances do not stop, and proof of this is the recent research published by scientists from japan in which they report on advances in the use of cockroaches converted into cyborgs so that they can be used for urban search and rescue tasks in the event of earthquakes.

The news comes after earthquakes that Mexico has registered this week in the state of Michoacán, which have affected the entities in the center of the country, such as Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Colima and Jalisco.

According to the study published in the “npj Flexible Electronics” magazinewhich was taken up by “Nature”Cyborgs are integrations of machines and organisms that can be used to replace defective body parts of an organism in order to perform functions beyond their normal capabilities, hence the possibility of turning cockroaches in rescuers.

As part of their research, scientists led by Dr. Takao Someya used Madagascar hissing cockroaches (Gromphadorhina portentosa), which had a series of electronic components placed on their dorsal side in order to be able to control them from a distance.

This is how a control module was applied to the thorax of these insects, consisting of wireless communication circuitsstimulation voltage control circuitry, as well as booster circuitry and a lithium polymer battery supported by a 3D-printed soft backpack that followed the curved surface of the chest.

In addition to this, a module of organic solar cells 4 µm thick was added to the abdomen of the cockroaches. The power produced by the ultra-thin organic solar cell under simulated sunlight was increased to 4.2 volts through the use of a booster circuit to charge the battery that supplied power to the wireless locomotion control module.

Meanwhile, the control signals were transferred wirelessly from the external server via Bluetooth. In addition, stimulation signals were applied via cables to wirelessly control the movements of the insects.

It should be noted that when electrical stimulation was applied to the right cerci, the cockroach locomoted turning to the right and when it was applied to the left cerci, to the left side.

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“After the mission, we can remove it and there is a chance that the insect will live normally,” explained Kenjiro Fukuda, one of the researchers at the RIKEN Research Institute, in an interview with “The country”while exposing that cyborg insects, unlike mammals, do not feel pain with the devices that are integrated into them.

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