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The gas price keeps going up. Should the winter of 2022/23 turn out to be freezing cold, many people in Germany would have a full-blown problem! But how will that be? Weather in North Rhine-Westphalia and the rest of Germany this year?

That can be done exactly Weather in North Rhine-Westphalia not that far in advance. However, a trend is already emerging! Meteorologist Dominik Jung from the portal, for example, estimates the probability of a mild winter to be relatively high based on the American weather model NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Accordingly, the temperatures could even be one to two degrees above the long-term average. According to Jung, this would mean that we are in for one of the warmest winters on record.

Weather in NRW: frostbite alarm? THIS is how winter should be

However, as “RP Online” reports, this forecast should not be taken at face value, because according to the European trend forecast, the weather in Germany is expected to be within the normal temperature range between December and February.

The weather in NRW and the rest of Germany could have a particular impact on our wallets in 2022/23. (icon picture) Photo: IMAGO / Action Pictures

That, in turn, would be bad for gas customers, because recent winters have been mild and temperatures have been above average. Ergo it would be colder again this winter.

This is how a weather forecast is made:

  • Around 10,000 ground stations, 7,000 ships, 600 ocean buoys, 500 weather radar stations and around 3,000 aircraft worldwide ensure that hourly weather data is recorded
  • Weather satellites provide surveillance from space
  • Parameters such as air temperature and pressure, wind direction and speed or cloud height are measured
  • Around 25,000 reports are collected every hour, which are transmitted and evaluated

However, it is likely that the trend of recent years will continue, because global warming is doing the rest. In the last 20 years, the average temperature in November was 1.28 degrees “too warm” – measured at an average temperature of 4 degrees. According to “RP Online”, only November 2016 fell outside this pattern with normal values, while the last “too cold” November was in 1998.

Weather in NRW: Everything points to a mild winter in 2022

Numerous weather models do indeed indicate that November 2022 will also be comparatively warm. An old weather wisdom says that a warm November is followed by a warm winter! Thus, more points to a cold season that will be kind to our wallets.

More about the weather in NRW and other reports from the region:

Climate crisis or not – because of the high gas prices, many people would certainly be happy if the weather in NRW was kind.

Source: Derwesten

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