They denounce that the son of Gerardo Morales sells marijuana for recreational use

(By Matilde Sera).- The union time of Carlos Santillán Nolasco, better known as the Dog Santillán, has come to an end. After three decades as a benchmark for municipal unionism in Jujuy, he left his place to Sebastián López and Santiago Seillant, who are the new benchmarks of the Union of Municipal Employees and Workers. Precisely, Seillant laid bare a reality that everyone knows and that no one dares to reveal. There is a lack of controls on the state medical marijuana company. At the time that he revealed how it will be Jujuy when you go Gerardo Morales.

One of the great mysteries of the province is what happens inside Cannava. The medical cannabis company, owned by the state of Jujuy, run by the Governor’s son, is a closed redoubt that is accountable to no one but the president and his inner circle. The same happens with Cauchari, the electric power company. Everything that is known about both is from official information. But now one of the most important union leaders in the province has come out to denounce Gastón Morales, head of the company that grows and processes marijuana, for selling drugs for recreational use.

This occurs in a very particular context. From time to time, Gaston Morales he began to accompany his father on all his trips. The head of the Government of Jujuy names him in all his speeches. In addition, he began, little by little, to give interviews and upload his profile. So much so that many venture that he could be the one anointed to replace his father at the head of the government of Jujuy. Gerardo Morales is a man who likes to surround himself with his family when he holds public office, which is why this version began to gain more and more strength.

«Jujuy is a drug sector because having borders, there is traffic. Now (with Cannava) there is also production. Logically, cannabis is used for medicinal purposes, but large-scale cannabis production has been legalized in Jujuy. It is administered by the State through a company that is under the command of the governor’s son, which has made an agreement with a US multinational and they export marijuana for recreational use,” Seillant denounced.

“Now, just this last year, they have started to make (cannabis) oil. Before, the gross product was being exported, the green product and what the governor’s son does (Gerardo Morales), anywhere in the country, is drug trafficking; but in Jujuy, no. Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to those who hold power doing what they want,” said the deputy secretary of the union that brings together municipal employees throughout the province.

The trade unionist also questioned loudly what all Jujeños say quietly. Nobody knows how much money the government has. Except for the word of the Governor, it is not known how much money enters the state companies, water, electricity, in Cauchari, Cannava and Xuma. But the amount he receives for ATN and discretionary bets from the national government is also not known. “Another serious problem is that the province has no control over the co-participation and what is collected. What it receives from royalties, the money that the province manages in its entirety, it is not known for sure how much it is. The deputies, the mayors, the councilors do not know it, but two or three people trusted by the governor know it », he concluded.

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