The NHL doesn't give up!  "San Jose" will go to Prague with all the Russians or not go anywhere at all

Honestly, I, just like the NHL, absolutely do not want to delve into all this near-sports dirt, where the greedy unprincipled IOC, along with the corrupt IIHF and several national federations, are persistently dragging everyone. The NHL did absolutely the right thing twice by sending the IOC, which had brazenly privatized the Olympic idea, with its games to Makar to drive the notorious calves. Too bad the KHL didn’t follow suit. But now we were forced to do it, which means that the Olympic self-shooters can safely forget about normal hockey in Milan 2026. Tournament water pumping you, IOC, in your hands!

But okay, the Olympics and the World Championships, to which the IIHF is directly related. From some kind of terrible fright – or a cruel hangover? – these fighters for the bright future of all mankind suddenly decided that they have the right to dictate to independent business organizations how to live and what to do.

A certain Hasek, who was well fed with Russian bread for a year of performances in Spartak, was already kicked in the ass across the ocean when this changeling in February demanded that the NHL reset all Russians. For some reason, the Czech for some reason forgot to return to the aggressor country all the millions that Mother Russia generously poured full pockets into the unnecessary veteran of no one else. Where did your scrupulousness and integrity go, Dominic? Why didn’t he return the “bloody” rubles?

This savory uppercut from the NHL was not enough for the ex-Dominator. He raised a storm at home, so that the Russians would not be allowed into the capital of the Czech Republic for the NHL championship matches on October 7 and 8, San Jose – Nashville. The fiery tribune was heard in the government. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic sent a letter to both American clubs that, due to the events in Ukraine, the participation of Russian hockey players is undesirable. There was no direct prohibition.

– We can confirm that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a letter to the leadership of the NHL, in which it warned that neither the Czech Republic nor any other state of the Schengen zone should issue visas to Russian players to enter our territory.

At the same time, we pointed to ongoing negotiations to ban entry for citizens of the Russian Federation with valid visas previously issued. This approach is based both on the recommendation of the sports ministers not to allow Russian athletes to compete in the EU, and on the conclusions of the informal meeting of foreign ministers at the end of August, said Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Smoleka.

The NHL, through Vice President Bill Daly, responded immediately. The second man in the league said yesterday:

– I do not see any problems in this matter. Russian players have all the necessary visas.

Later, in an interview with TASS, Daly added:

– We expect the Russians to go to Europe and take part in the matches.

Nashville, whose ranks include strikers Yakov Trenin, Yegor Afanasiev, goalkeeper Yaroslav Askarov, has so far refrained from commenting. But San Jose, where forwards Alexander Barabanov, Evgeny Svechnikov, Daniil Gushchin, Timur Ibragimov, defenders Nikolai Knyzhov, Artemy Knyazev registered, burned all the bridges from the very beginning!

– We are one team, so if someone says that some of our guys will be forbidden to come, we declare: either we will go all together, or no one will go! Sharks general manager Mike Grier snapped yesterday. – I repeat, we are a single team. We are all together. It’s not the fault of the players. They didn’t do anything wrong. There is nothing to punish them for. We support them. In this situation, we are all as one.

The captain of the “sharks” Logan Couture supported the boss:

– I think, as a team, we have no right to allow one of us to be suspended from these games. All the guys in our team are an integral part of it!

Overseas is now actively reminiscent of the position of the head of the NHL, Gary Bettman. In the spring, he emphasized that the Russians “play in the NHL for their NHL team for NHL fans.” And point!

Because no one is going to somehow press the Russians in the NHL. On the contrary, the league has already de facto guaranteed the participation of our team in the 2024 World Cup. And if someone, like the Czechs or the Finns, will froze, they will easily slap on the tinsel.

Quick journalists from the country of Suomi should not throw boulders while living in a glass hut. You look, a return line will fly in from overseas. In response to the screams and screams of the Finns with the threat of a boycott – they say, do not let the Russians into the World Cup 2024, otherwise we will refuse to participate in it! – Bettman and Co. may well unobtrusively hint to their clubs not to let players go to the 2023 World Cup, which Finland will again host.

Without Russia, any World Cup is already an under-tournament, and without the stars of Canada and the USA, no one dares to call this trinket and Eurotour.

Source: Sovsport

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