Last week, there were enough scandals and rinses in the press for the name of a talented Russian figure skater. Other assumptions made by our “foreign partners” are already perceived by many as a fait accompli. Let’s see what is actually happening.

The other day, an American journalist released an insider. The insider is real or fiction, which has already been enough, we will not be able to establish with you yet. Most likely, the information will arrive only one of these days.

It is reliably known that international structures have completed an investigation into all the circumstances of the case related to the accusations of Kamila Valieva of taking illegal drugs. They promise to release soon. But hotheads are already running ahead of the locomotive (sorry, Lokomotiv, we are not talking about you now!).

They said that Valieva’s “B” doping test was also positive. Here you need to understand something: sample A and sample B at the present time – when laboratory analysis systems have become perfect – these are almost identical options. Forgive me for naturalism: an athlete pees into a test tube – and this material for analysis is simply divided into two halves. One is called A, the other is called B. Once upon a time, an autopsy of a B sample could bring an unexpected result. Now – hardly. It will be 99.9% identical to sample A. The investigation, as we were promised in February, did not concern the opening of the test tube, but a comprehensive analysis of the facts.

Therefore, Dave Liz’s insider (it is he who leads The Skating Lesson) has to be trusted. Here, the requirements to stigmatize the info-dirty person are ridiculous. If illegal drugs are in A, then there are also in B. It’s not about that. It’s about how this could have happened.

On September 14, the head of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA), Veronika Loginova, said: “The investigation has been completed. Currently, the results management department, in accordance with the established rules and procedures, is preparing the necessary documents for organizing hearings.”

Sovetsky Sport became aware that the hearings on Valieva’s case would take place no earlier than the end of September, or even at the beginning of October. RUSADA said in a statement: “In accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code, the investigation was carried out in relation to the personnel of the protected person.”

And here we are waiting for just a lot of interesting things. There is enough seething in our “figure”. Too many people are annoyed – we have written about this more than once – the elegant and talented coach Eteri Tutberidze. There are too many who want to roll out the negative in her address.

Punishment options can be different – from a warning to four years of disqualification. But the most common is still a two-year disqualification. Moreover, she is underage. However, the punishment will happen for sure. Maybe now it will not be so noticeable (Russia is removed from world sports), but it will be painful all the same. There are some nuances: despite pressure from politicians who traditionally know for us what to do and how to behave, our federations, thank God, do not sever relations with international federations. So Valieva – in case of disqualification – may lose domestic tournaments.

The most annoying thing would be to lose team gold. But before that, you still have to live. Ahead of a “personal matter”. More precisely, the case of the personnel around Valieva. And the bright girl – our rays of support!

Source: Sovsport

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