Sanguines are considered to be kind people who attract their company. They are not in danger of boredom or loneliness, because the sanguine just wants to be next to him. Why do we love people with such a temperament?

Who is the Sanguine?

Sanguine is a term for one of the temperaments that were established in ancient times. At that time, people tried to understand certain behaviors in different people and to systematize them somehow. The author of the division into types of temperament, known to us today, was made by Hippocrates, who grouped them according to the influence they exert on human behavior. Hence, to this day we use terms such as sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic or melancholic. We still use the division of traits that have been subordinated to each of these temperaments. The fact that someone has such and no other temperament is due to genes and the functioning of the nervous system. In fact, temperament remains the same, it may only slightly change during childhood.

Six traits we love sanguines for

Sanguines have character traits that make them very sympathetic. There are many of them, and the most appreciated are the following.

They love company

Sanguines are eminently social creatures. They like company, can enjoy life and infect others with their smile and positive attitude. They are bursting with energy, they draw from endless layers of creativity, so it is no wonder that they are considered the souls of the company who can find themselves everywhere. They are open to people and their differences. They are talkers who sprinkle jokes and anecdotes right off the sleeve. With them it is impossible to get bored and sad.

Eternal optimists

For them, there is nothing that cannot be done. They are in a great mood and have a tendency to focus on better, not worse moments in life. They see the good sides of a situation and don’t waste time stressing out what might just happen. The most important thing is to be here and now.

They have a distance to mishaps

They don’t care for any reason, for them failure is only a step to success. They assume that if something has gone wrong, it will work the next time. Something went wrong? The Sanguine would think it would be okay, because next time it would be for sure. They don’t like to complicate their lives.

They don’t brood over the unpleasantness

Sanguines are not particularly vindictive, much less vindictive. They feel angry or nervous quickly. They move forward, do not remember other people’s faults, let go of unpleasant behavior or unpleasant words.

They are happy to talk about themselves

Sanguines are extroverted, open to new acquaintances, not discouraged by the curiosity of other people towards each other. They have no problem talking about themselves or getting an honest comment.

They are spontaneous

They don’t think too much and plan everything down to the smallest detail. They are spontaneous, they love changes and travels. It is difficult for them to sit still in one place, they have to do something all the time. Boredom is tiring for them, fortunately their innate creativity allows them to find an interesting job.

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