Lauren McLeod is the mother of two children whom she talks about on social media. She recently admitted in a filim on TikTok that she is feeding one of her sons. The information shocked the audience because of its age. “You can’t breastfeed your 5-year-old. It’s weird!”

Women have probably heard everything about motherhood. People often make statements about their post-pregnancy bodies, decisions about the baby and its upbringing. Breastfeeding is a topic that raises a lot of debate.

She is breastfeeding a few years old and thinks it’s completely normal

Lauren McLeod commented on TikTok’s criticism that she regularly receives for breastfeeding her 5-year-old son.

“You can’t breastfeed your 5-year-old. It’s weird!” – her people write. She tells them “it’s not weird, but it’s biologically normal” and suits both her and the baby.

“My son turns 5 in a few days. And yes, I still breastfeed him. Only once a day, at bedtime, but he still gets a lot from it.” – she wrote in the description of the tiktok.

The woman had to turn off comments under the video, possibly because of too many critical comments. However, they appeared under articles that wrote about Lauren’s history.

“It’s weird … distasteful”,

“Let it feed and up to 10. What a difference as it can”,

“It’s not normal anymore. So much for the topic.”

– users of the portal write

The woman indicated that she did not plan to wean her son. She is glad that she has no problems with lactation, and feeding has a positive effect on her relationship with her son.

She has added several other videos highlighting her desire to normalize breastfeeding for toddlers.

Until when to breastfeed? How many heads, so many opinions. After some time, most mothers feed the baby with modified milk or food, of course adapted to the age. Experts point out that feeding should be appropriate for the mother and the baby. It is worth consulting such issues with a lactation consultant or doctor and, above all, trust your intuition.

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