Olona's message to Vox: "Today I see how some are sorry that I don't have cancer"

Between boos, insults – fascists out!’- and guarded by twenty National Police officers to avoid altercations with the protest called by the Student Assembly of the University of Murcia. In this way, Macarena Olona has arrived at the Campus de la Merced to give a conference as a State attorney, whose prelude she has been a canutazo with the media where he has starred in a cracked political fifteen minutes against Vox.

“They are activating the machinery to grind meat, with some similarities of other older parties and I can only tell you to remember that I am not ETA“, as criticized by the spokesperson for Vox in the Congress of Deputies. Macarena Olona has “deeply regretted” that the leadership of the far-right party has “closed any possibility of being able to continue walking together through Andalusia and through Spain”.

Olona has not hesitated to be hurt by the attitude that they have had with her: Santiago Abascal, Javier Ortega Smith or Iván Espinosa de los Monteros. “Today I see how some are sorry that I don’t have cancer and that the initial health problems have turned out to be a problem with the thyroid that is already overcome.

Macarena Olona, ​​this Friday, upon her arrival at the University of Murcia to give a conference as a State attorney.

In the midst of a cloud of journalists and dozens of admirers who longed for a selfie, the Vox spokesperson in the Lower House She recalled that she had planned to meet with Santiago Abascal in September, with the aim of assessing her return to activity with the partybut has revealed that his health problems have been used by the leadership of the formation to end his political career.

“Seeing the reactions and how the meat grinding machinery has been put into operation, of course, I wonder if some saw my illness as the perfect excuse to remove me from the political front lineespecially when there is a moment in Spanish politics in which we see the tendency to set aside political women who stand out thanks to the favor of the Spaniards”, as he has reflected.

Olona’s visit to the capital of Segura has not caused disturbances, unlike the pitched battle that took place last week in Granada. All this, despite the fact that some of the supporters of the former spokesperson for Congress have provoked the students and left-wing radicals who were holding a rally outside the Campus de la Merced. In fact, the agents have reprimanded them for going outside to look for them and have forced them to form a police barrier with the protesters to prevent the situation from going from insults to hands.

The protest has been reduced to proclamations of the type: ‘Get out of the university!’ or ‘Murcia will be the tomb of fascimo!’. The greatest moment of tension was experienced when Macarena Olona entered through the plaza attached to the Campus de la Merced, right next to the demonstrators, and the police device has had to guard her until the Paraninfo where she was going to offer her conference. That little tour has been marked by a mixture of insults and shouts of admiration.

One of the tense moments of the protest organized by the UMU Student Association against Macarena Olona’s conference.

will continue touring the country

“Today, unlike the end of July, all Spaniards know that if I am not in Vox, it is not by my will, I can no longer carry that slab with me”, as he has settled, before sending a message to the leaders of the Abascal party: “This is not the end of the road, this is just the beginning“.

Macarena Olona will continue with her particular pilgrimage throughout Spain, but she will not do it to form a political party. The State attorney has remarked on several occasions that she will not promote training, although has put a clause not to do it: Vox must continue to be an alternative governmentwhich means that it will be pending the results of the training in regional elections, such as in 2023 in Murcia, as well as in the next general elections.

“I can tell the Spaniards that on this path that I am beginning I am at the disposal of all of them with a sense of State, in such a way that I am not going to lead a political party other than those that currently existdespite having the financing and the offers, despite having listened to the voices that have told me to step forward and being in a position to do so”, according to Macarena Olona. She has even called on the militants who have withdrawn from the party, so that they put Spain before Vox and its current leadership.

“I am not going to form a political party because I think that at the present time it would be truly irresponsible and it would mean fragmenting a political board, which is what Spaniards least need: What will happen along the way? It is something that we can only know as our steps take us“.

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