Mother-in-law destroyed her wedding plans. "Thought I was going crazy when I saw this"

Choosing the perfect wedding dress in itself can often be a huge challenge for the bride – let alone when (uninvited) third parties decide to get involved in it. This is what happened to a fiancee who, when choosing her dream outfit, had to take into account not only her own preferences and budget, but also … the opinion of her mother-in-law.

“My fiancé gave me back my wedding dress. I don’t believe what he offered me in return” – she began her post on an internet forum, in which she wonders if how she reacted to it was an exaggeration. Or maybe she was absolutely right?

Here’s what happened.

Her future mother-in-law had a “vision”

She and her fiancé are going to get married in December this year, she explains. Even though they love each other very much, the planning process turned out to be an “absolute nightmare”. Why? Her future mother-in-law was very much involved in him. “His mother can be described as a nice person, although she is quite intrusive. We manage to get along somehow” – says the author.

This changed in the run-up to the wedding.

“His mother did not want to agree to most of the things important to me, and his fiancé assumed that since he is her only son, he should respect her opinion and appreciate the» vision «she created for our wedding and what it should look like “- he confides. Her fiance’s mother also decided that such an important event as the purchase of a wedding dress cannot take place without her presence. The author agreed, though not without hesitation.

She made her try on a completely different dress

“I invited her, as did my mother and my closest friends. I was very happy because I found the exact model I was looking for relatively quickly,” he writes. The joy did not last long.

“Meanwhile, she liked a completely different dress, which, after much pressure, I agreed to try on. The mother-in-law was delighted. She told me that she ‘always imagined her son’s wife in something like this’, which my mother found a very strange text. Meanwhile, this unfortunate dress she was completely out of my style. I apologized to her and said I was sorry but I would choose the latter because I had some ideas about my OWN wedding … “- she relates.

The mother of her fiancé, however, did not give up.

The author cannot count on her partner’s support

“She must have gotten pissed off and then called my partner because he came home and made a tirade about how I offended and saddened his mom,” she says. The man accused the author of “excluding his mother from the dress selection process” and of deliberately annoying her.

“I asked him what process he means since it’s just a wedding dress? And my wedding dress on top of that? She should have nothing to say about it,” she complains. The fiancé got upset and said that the author should at least pretend that she was considering the dress that his mother wanted, especially since “they were not that different from each other”.

The couple had a strong fight.

“I couldn’t believe what I saw”

“Then the topic died, but when I came home yesterday, I couldn’t believe what I saw. It turned out that he returned my wedding dress and replaced it with the one his mother wanted. I thought I was going crazy,” she complains. Moreover, the man immediately admitted what he had done. He also asked his partner to “give the dress a chance” and “try to calm down”.

“I refused. I didn’t even listen to him, I just started screaming. When he came to the apartment, we started arguing, and then I decided to spend the night with one of my friends. And he called, called and called …” – he describes.

“He believes that it is also his wedding and he has the right to decide on such matters. And his mother just wants the best for me, as for her future daughter-in-law. I didn’t even know how to comment on it” – he adds. The author’s mother fully supported her. She also wanted to intervene with her fiancé’s mother, but the author’s father stopped them both. “Dad thinks that all this is not worth ruining the relationship with our future family. But for me it is probably too much” – says the author.

“Am I exaggerating?” – she asked the Internet users.

And you? Could you choose your dream wedding dress or did you have to make unforeseen compromises? You can share your story by e-mail to [email protected]

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