The timing is well chosen. Just like the actors of a grotesque cabal against Mali – against the backdrop of a media campaign – which we have been witnessing for several days.

The moment chosen is cleverly calculated. It comes at a time when the annual session of the United Nations is being held in New York.

And during this session, Mali will no doubt discuss its complaint filed on the table of the Security Council against Emmanuel Macron’s France.

And evidence of French state terrorism in northern Mali will be shown to the world. Yes, with supporting evidence, Mali is ready to demonstrate that the real terrorist in the Sahel is indeed this France which, under the guise of operations Serval and Barkhane, has put in this area. And it is even France there that brings aid and assistance to terrorist groups.

From now on, a wave of panic has taken hold of President Macron. By all means he tries to prevent what may turn out to be a huge unpacking in front of the community.

After multiple actions and / or diplomatic pressure to counter the complaint of the Malian government, Macron, puts to the task (again) his service negroes. They are responsible for denigrating and vilifying the Malian authorities.

Alternately Presidents Umbalo of Guinea Bissau and Bazoum (him again) are sent before the French media. In this circus, they have obviously received instructions to charge Mali.

The questions are both selected and directed. So, naturally, the answers follow each other like a refrain, and are identical… The two puppets in the pay of one and the same master were well prepared to have the same opinion on the case of the Ivorian mercenaries imprisoned in Bamako. The bias is obvious, where Umbalo and Bazoum should have, out of wisdom, made soothing remarks.

But alas, 3 times alas!!!

Of the Malian complaint before the Security Council?

There will be no question of it during the two interviews.

In order to make up this campaign orchestrated with certain member countries of ECOWAS, it was necessary to associate the Secretary General of the United Nations. With him too the scenario is the same. The essential question revolves around the Ivorian mercenaries. The complaint of the Malian government against France is simply ignored!

Despite all these gesticulations and other pressures, the determination of the Malian authorities remains intact. Mali will speak, Mali will prove and Mali will act, as a Malian official said.

Mr Sanogo

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