Magnus Carlsen and the suspicion of "anal chips" to cheat at chess

If there is a sport in which it seems almost impossible to cheat, it is chess. However, the game-science has a long history and, in recent days, has added a very particular case involving, as a complainant, the world champion, Magnus Carlsen. The disruptive element would be “anal chips”.

The Norwegian decided to withdraw from the Sinquefield Cup, at the St. Louis Chess Club in Missouri, United States, which ended on September 11, after playing three of the nine scheduled games. Carlsen declined to continue participating at the end of his loss to Hans Moke Niemann, American, 19 years old. This stripped him of an undefeated 53 games and two years without losing.

The news of the defeat could not go unnoticed. And suspicions grew when Carlsen posted on Twitter: “I withdrew from the tournament; I always liked playing at the St. Louis Chess Club, and I hope to return in the future.” Until then, everything normal but the tweet had a video of José Mourinho attached, in which the Portuguese coach speaks for the Norwegian: “I prefer not to speak; if I speak I will have serious problems”.

Thus the snowball began to grow. “He must be very demoralized losing to an idiot like me; It must be embarrassing for the world champion to lose against someone like me”, defended Niemann, number 41 in the ranking. His performance in the tournament was modest, with just one victory, precisely, against one of the best in history.

Suspicions of cheating on Niemann’s part began to surface. Especially when it became known that seven years ago he was sanctioned by an online tournament website for having used help in a game. “I know I’m clean, if you want me to get completely undressed before the games, I’ll do it; I do not care”the accused was cut off.

The curiosity grew this week when Carlsen and Niemann crossed paths again in an online chess tournament. After two moves, the world champion disconnected and resigned.

What would be the cheating contraption, adding to Niemann’s hint of undressing? On the Internet there is talk of “anal chips”, and the glove was picked up by Elon Musk on Twitter, although he deleted the message. According to the story, a chip could be inserted into a person’s anus that would transmit information.

“Unfortunately I can’t talk about it in particular, but people can draw their conclusions, and they certainly have already done so. I have to say that I am very impressed by Niemann’s game, and I think his mentor, Maxim Dlugy, must be doing a great job”. This is how Carlsen broke his silence in a recent interview. The mention of Dlugy is not casual: he was imprisoned in Russia for embezzlement. “I think that in the future we should not take cheaters lightly, neither on the Internet nor on the board”added the world champion.

In chess there is a historical case, the automaton known as the Turk, designed by the Hungarian Wolfgang von Kempelen at the end of the 18th century, and which even played with Napoleon. A compartment allowed the doll to be handled from within by a skilled chess player..

Closer in time, devices were discovered in the glasses of a player receiving outside help. Plus the scandal of the match between Vesselin Topalov and Vladimir Kramnik for the world title. Topalov accused his rival of entering the bathroom 30 times, where there were no monitoring cameras, and it was learned that there was an Internet connection there.

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